The Iron Mountain Review Vol. XXXII

50 Baker, Bush, Harvey, House, Mitchell, Parson, & Shelby

Works Cited

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Don Baker is the author of eight full-length plays, four one-acts, and three screenplays. Catherine Bush is the Barter Theatre’s playwright-in-residence. Hannah Harvey is an internationally recognized storyteller and cultural performer.

Silas House served on the fiction faculty at the Spalding School of Creative Writing and as the NEH Chair at Berea College. Felicia Mitchell, poet, author, and professor emerita, taught literature and creative writing at Emory & Henry from 1987-2020. Playwright and poet Linda Parsons is playwright-in-residence for The Hammer Ensemble, Anvil Theatre, Knoxville, Tennessee. Anne Shelby is an author of numerous plays, poems, essays, and children’s books.

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