The Iron Mountain Review Vol. XXXII

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Editorial Board

Thomas Alan Holmes, Guest Editor Nicole Drewitz-Crockett, General Editor

Jennifer Daniel, Assistant Editor, Graphic Designer John Lang, Editor Emeritus Robert Denham, Editor Emeritus

The Iron Mountain Review thanks Robert Gipe and the Higher Ground company for their gracious permission to present the script to the tenth anniversary production of Higher Ground , and it also thanks the songwriters whose lyrics are reproduced here: Kenny Colinger (“Find a Way”) and Justin Taylor (“Better You Find My Devil, Lord,” “What’s Next,” and “River Taught Me to Run”). The Iron Mountain Review also offers its thanks to Morgan Cahill for her work in formatting dramatic texts in this issue. Additionally, please note that we have backdated this issue to Spring 2019 in order to keep it in chronological sequence between our Karen Salyer McElmurray and Jim Minick issues. Length, transcription, fundraising, and permissions for original work caused delays in publication. We have faithfully represented all content, including contributors bylines, as they were at the time of the Emory & Henry Literary Festival in 2015 and the Appalachian Studies Association Conference in 2016. Maureen Mullinax’s passing has been commemorated at the end of the issue.

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