The Arrow Summer 2019

A Word to the

Faculty and Staff – Lotanna Anene

Greetings everyone, Today, I address the staff and faculty of Oak Hill Academy. I speak on behalf of my fellow graduates to emphasize our sheer gratitude for the great role you have held in our academic and residential lives. I assure you that your immense efforts will not be forgotten. We may not fully appreciate all that has been done yet; however, at some point in our lives we will look back and think about the good school you have worked to make Oak Hill become. We have taken things for granted; things that were of academic help such as the substantial amount of time you put into planning lessons, researching educational resources, creating and grading tests, and holding valuable staff meetings and conferences. We have also taken for granted the things that have impacted our boarding experiences; such as the sponsored games and activities, cooked and served meals, the help with travel arrangements, the planned dorm trips and the health service provided at the infirmary. These have all made the Oak Hill com munity a better and enjoyable place. We must not forget that school employees are just as human as us students, with personal in terests, emotions and tasks to learn. Hence, we must understand that life isn’t always a stroll in the park for you all as I think about the 6:30 am practices Coach Hebold and Coach Burns have held to make sure the Red Team was prepared for the season, all the after-school help that all my teachers have offered, and all extra work shifts taken by Oak Hill staff members. Neverthe less, I encourage you all to continue your work and individual paths as whatever obstacle comes your way. I also encourage you all to continue your journeys holding onto whatever passions and motivations that may give you the drive to continue. Staff and faculty of Oak Hill Academy, thank you for your service.

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