Student Handbook 2018

The College believes it is important to provide students, faculty, and staff with reliable information regarding programs, policies, and procedures; therefore, we have established policies and procedures for posting and/or displaying signs, notices, posters, etc. on bulletin boards inCollegeownedbuildings.

Use of college bulletin boards

Posters, signs, banners, flyers, etc. may be posted only on established College bulletin boards. Materials may not be posted on doors, walls, and/or windows under any circumstance. Anyone seeking to utilize College bulletin board space to post information, signs, banners, flyers, etc. must contact and receive approval from the Director of Student Activities before posting materials. Final approval may be subject to authorization by the Dean of Students. The Office of Student Development will employ a student to monitor bulletin boards in college-owned, non-residential facilities. All bulletin boards in non- residential buildings will be cleared by 5:00 p.m. every Friday to afford student with timely and accurate information. The residence life staff will maintain residence hall bulletin boards to afford students with accurate and timely information. All materials posted in or around College residence halls also must be approved by the Residence Hall Director.

Unauthorized material placed on bulletin boards or in unauthorized locations will be immediately removed and discarded.

Sale of Merchandise

Student Organization planning a fund-raising project must first submit in writing their ideas to the Director of Student Activities. Final approval will be given by the Dean of Students. Student organizations recognized by Bluefield College who wish to sell merchandise of any kind as a fund raising project must adhere to the following guidelines: the design, if any, to be used on the merchandise must be submitted, in writing, to the Office of Student Services for approval in advance of placing the order; a copy of the final approved design must be on file with the Office of Student Services; the design may not imply, suggest, illustrate, encourage, and/or describe the use of alcohol, drugs, inappropriate behaviors, and/or sex in any way; nor may the design be used to disgrace any particular group, individual,orinstitution.

Appendix ii

Computer Resources Acceptable Use Policy The hardware and software computer resources of Bluefield College are available to the students, faculty and staff in support of the educational and administrative goals of the


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