Student Handbook 2018

Loss of financial aid given for Christian character - Students involved in major community life violations such as possession or use of alcohol on campus, drinking under the age of 21, illegalactivity,sexual impropriety, andotherinappropriatebehaviorsmaylosefinancialaid awarded on the basis of Christian character. Students may appeal to the financial aid office forreplacementoffundsandmayreapplyforthelostscholarshipaftertheprobationarytime. Alcohol and Drug Policy The College expects its students to obey the law. Therefore, a violation of alcohol or drug laws while admitted to the College, wherever that violation occurs, is a violation of the College’s expectations. Further, it is a violation of the College’s expectations for a student to drink, possess, or be impaired by drinking alcoholic beverages, or to possess, use, or be under the influence of illegal drugs, on campus or at any event sponsored by the College or by a College- approvedstudentorganization.Withoutlimitingtheforegoing,thisprohibitionspecifically includesanyCollegesponsoredtrip.TheCollegeencouragesstudentstonotifytheirparents or guardians if the student is found to have acted in violation of this policy. If the College, through its disciplinary procedures, determines that a student has violated this policy, the College may disclose the violation to a student’s parent or legal guardian if the student is under 21 years of age at the time of notification. Sexual Misconduct The College urges anyone who has been a victim of an act of sexual misconduct to: seek medical attention immediately, seek counseling and support, inform the College of the assaultandconsiderpursuingcriminalcharges.Ifyouareavictimofsexualmisconduct,you are encouraged to use the resources the College provides. While it is your choice whether or not to utilize the College disciplinary process, Bluefield College required by federal law to investigate any reports of sexual misconduct. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. Sec.1681, et seq., prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education programor activity. The requirements of Title IX cover sexual violence and require colleges to take immediate and effective steps to respond to sexual violence. Youmaywantto reportanactofsexualmisconducttobothCollegeandcriminal authorities. One option is to immediately call 911 for assistance. Another option is to report the assault totheVicePresidentofStudentDevelopmentOffice(276-326-4206).Allegationsofsexual misconduct are taken seriously and are investigated thoroughly. If you need assistance to pursue theoption ofcriminal charges, theStudentDevelopment staffcan help you.Another option is to report the assault directly to theBluefieldCollegeCampus Security(276-326-). An officer will assist in investigating the complaint and will help you file a criminal report with the Tazewell County Magistrate’s Office. The complainant may report the incident to the Commonwealth Attorney who will consider the case and decide whether or not to prosecute.Inthisoption,theCommonwealthofVirginiaaccusestheallegedperpetratorand the complainant may serve as awitness for theCommonwealth. Violation of this policy may result in any sanction deemed appropriate by the College, including, but not limited to, required participation in a drug or alcohol treatment or rehabilitation program, suspension, or expulsion.

Studentswho are victims may alsowish to seek confidential counselingor support fromthe Office of Student Development (276-326-4207).


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