Spire 2022


Mr. and Mrs. Mike Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. Michael White Mrs. Betty A. White Mr. Christopher L. White Mrs. Deborah J. White Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael White Mrs. Marla M. White

Mr. and Mrs. Houston H. Woodson Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Woodson Mrs. Barbara J. Woody Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Woolridge

Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Willis, III Mrs. Martha J. Wills Mrs. Revonda L. Wills, RN Mrs. Sunshine K. Wilmoth Mr. and Mrs. Alec C. Wilson, Jr. Mrs. Christina S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wilson Mr. Donald G. Wilson Mr. Jack C. Wilson Mrs. Linda W. Wilson Mrs. Mae R. Wilson Mrs. Mary N. Wilson Mr. Perry W. Wilson Ms. Stacy Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wilson Mrs. Susan S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. William S. Winfrey, II Mrs. Wanda C. Wingo Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Wingrove Mrs. Jane M. Wingrove Wintergreen Resort Ms. Constance J. Winters Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wiser Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. With Mr. and Mrs. D. Chris Withers Mr. and Mrs. William C. Withers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Witt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Witt, Jr. Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre Wolf Creek Golf and Country Club W. A. Wolfe, Jr. and Phyllis P. Wolfe Foundation, Inc. Mr. Dewey L. Wolford Mr. Farley E. Wolford Mrs. Sheila S. Womack Woman's Missionary Union of Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Addison E. Wood Ms. Ashley Wood Mr. Cuyler D. Wood, Jr. Mrs. Ellen L. Wood Lt. Col. and Mrs. Emery G. Wood, Ret. Mrs. Helen S. Wood Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wood, II Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Wood, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Quinton Wood Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Woodard Mrs. Emma J. Woodard Mr. K. Lamont Woods Mr. Bruce R. Woodson Mr. and Mrs. Cortney M. Woodson, Jr.

Mr. Simon V. Woon Ms. Betty C. Word Mr. Caleb N. Word Mr. and Mrs. Mark Word

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. White Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. White Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. White Mr. Seth R. White Dr. and Mrs. Shawn P. White Mr. and Mrs. David A. Whitehurst Mrs. Patricia M. Whitesell Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Whiting, III Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Whitlock Dr. Anthony L. Whitmore Mr. and Mrs. John C. Whitmore Mrs. Joanne Whitt Mr. Marlin Wilbur, Sr. Mrs. Kristin C. Wilburn Ms. Carla S. Wildman Ms. Brenda E. Wilhelm Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Willett, III Mr. Angelo Willi William D. Evans Foundation, Inc. Mr. Adam Williams Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Williams Mr. Cassen F. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Williams Mrs. Kim Susanne Whitt Mr. Duane R. Whittaker Mrs. Erika L. Whyte Mr. and Mrs. John R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Williams Mr. Leroy D. Williams Mrs. Lois B. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Williams Mr. Phillip T. Williams Mr. Shawn Williams Mr. Wayne A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Williamson Ms. Nancy L. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Roger N. Williamson Ms. Jacqueline W. Williford Ms. Lynn Willis Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Willis Mr. George W. Williams Ms. Gwen W. Williams Mr. Jesse A. Williams, Jr. Ms. Jo Ann Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Workman Mrs. Charlotte E. Sacre Worsham Mr. Joseph P. Wray, Jr. Mr. Michael A. Wray Ms. Carolyn Wright Mr. and Mrs. Derek A. Wright Mr. Richard Clay Wright Mr. Richard L. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wright Mr. Robert W. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Wright Mr. Tim Wright WVVA Television Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Wyatt, V Mr. Robert E. Wynn, Jr. Mr. Chad Wyrick Mrs. Lynn E. Yarbrough Mr. Charles B. Yates, Jr. Ms. Christie Yesalavich Ms. Jackie D. Yesalavich Mr. Joseph A. Yesalavich Mrs. Frances A. York Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Yost Yost Chapel Mr. Ethan T. Young Mr. George B. Young Mr. Joseph L. Young Ms. Marjorie D. Young Mr. Terry D. Young Mr. and Mrs. William B. Young Dr. Maria M. Zalduondo Mr. David P. Wright Mr. Evan E. Wright Ms. Eleanor N. Xapsos Mr. Michael A. Xapsos Yankee Candle Mr. Aurvil R. Young Mrs. Chasity T. Young


Ms. Crystal Zeliniski Ms. Debra K. Ziegler Mr. Franz Zimmerman


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