Spire 2022

That all changed when I was convinced to join the Baptist Student Union (BSU) for a spring break mission trip to New England. Looking back, it’s easy to see that is when I came out of my shell. Well, as much as a born introvert can come out of one’s shell. From then on, I was intent on getting involved in as much as I could possibly involve myself in. Life in college wasn’t just about going to class, studying, writing papers, and taking exams. Yes, it was still about all those things. But it was also about building relationships with the guys that lived across the hall on the first floor of Rish. It was about figuring out a way to tell that one girl I had a crush on her while preparing myself for the inevitable blow to my ego when she revealed she just wanted to be friends. It was about playing Spades until the sun came up the next day. It was about choir tours to Washington, D.C. and Florida with Variations and Praise Singers. It was about mission trips to Brazil and worshiping God in Portuguese. It was about comedy acts and concerts and game shows in the SAC. It was about forming the friendships that would prove to last a lifetime. That’s my Bluefield story. It’s one I look back on with incredible fondness. I constantly find myself wishing, just a little bit, that I could somehow recapture that magic… the unique opportunities that those years represented. But I have to be content with memories. Which, again, brings me back to that blog I’ve been keeping and my desire to share others’ stories. Bluefield College… Bluefield University touched my life in a profound way. And thanks to that simple list of questions, I was able to see just how much Bluefield touched the lives of countless others. In a time when life can so easily crumble into confusion and chaos, Bluefield represented a light that has drawn so many of us in. It has been so gratifying to be a part of this school’s legacy and to know that this institution has proven to be such an inspiration to so many individuals and will continue to inspire students and graduates long into the future.

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