Spire 2022


Grateful. It is more than a word often used on campus. It is an outlook faculty, staff, and administrators have at Bluefield University. No one conveyed this better in our Rams Family than Dr. Marshall and Mrs. Linda Flowers. In my first months back on staff, I would greet them as we passed each other on campus with a routine “Hello! How are you?” However, what followed was not the typical response of individuals rushing onto the next thing during their busy daily agenda of “Good. I hope you are too.” Instead, a reply of “Grateful.” was always warmly provided each time. I’ll admit, the first ten or so times I received this answer it perplexed me. However, working alongside them, witnessing their interactions with students, and seeing their faith lived out, quickly demonstrated how sincere this reponse was. They choose to be grateful. Grateful for the day given to them with God’s grace and mercies renewed, grateful for the opportunity to serve students, grateful to give generously, and witness the impact of that giving. I find this outlook to be contagious too within our campus community at Bluefield. The laughter from students at Mud Pig day seen on Giving Day social media videos reflects it. The broad smile and cheer of a faculty member in the classroom articulates it. The handwritten note sent when a gift is made conveys it. We are a grateful people for the many generosities we receive. As we concluded Go Further: The Centennial Campaign for Bluefield University, this was especially true. Not only did we meet our $18 million goal, but we exceeded it through our collective gifts of over $25 million. These gifts allowed Bluefield University to complete a successful first century of service and begin a second century of Christian higher education from an elevated position. In closing, I will quote the late Rev. David Armbrister ‘54. I am grateful not only for his friendship and the role he played in my life, but also for the gift of his work. His history of the institution was a guiding force during our centennial celebration. I pray his words found in the conclusion of Lighthouse on the Hill: The Bluefield College Story will echo in the hearts of all those who care for and support Bluefield University. “The ‘lighthouse on the hill’ has sent out its beam for… years, guiding the lives of those who have come to its doors and sought the knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual influence that it has offered. These benefits continue to be available to the students of today. They can help in keeping the light burning brightly and steadily. Its light will beckon them to share in the blessings that thousands of men and women have received…”

Let us find ourselves grateful for this tie that binds us, Bluefield University, and may we continue striving together to see its light shine for future generations.

With thanks,

Joshua D. Cline ‘09 Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Marketing


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