Spire 2022

CENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN STEERING COMMITTEE Dr. David Bailey ’60 Mr. John Beckett Mrs. Rebecca Easley Beckett Mrs. Peggy Bickford ’71 (Deceased) Mr. Steve Bickford Dr. Thomas Brewster ’91 Mr. Brandon Caldwell ’02 Mrs. Martha Dodd-Slippy ’05 Mr. Gordon Grimes ’94 Dr. Chris Lawson ’01 Rev. Jack Marcom ’62 (Deceased) Ms. Jennifer Mitchell ’08

Historically, approximately $300,000 was raised each year for The University Fund. With an increased importance on scholarships through the campaign, over $524,000 was raised in the 2021-2022 academic year. This, coupled with several new endowed scholarships created by generous families, has provided over $3.2 million in tuition assistance to students over the past five years. The idea everything happens for a reason and always in the right season of God’s timing is commonplace among administrators at Bluefield. This influx of financial support came during uncertain times and events of the COVID-19 pandemic, a shift to online learning, and changing economic and market conditions. “Without the generosity of so many, we would not have accomplished the goals set forth in this campaign,” said Olive. “This campaign has enabled growth and development of our students and in our academic spaces at Bluefield University.” Other highlights from the campaign included the first naming of a college/school with the School of Business dedicated to Dr. Donald Caudill. A longtime benefactor, former professor at Bluefield, and advisory council member, Dr. Caudill was recognized for his generous giving and steadfast support. Renovations to the student activities center were completed providing an updated space for student life. Enhancements to the Dome Gymnasium, alongside the donation of the Keene-Beavers Building with additional workout space and an indoor court space. With a long-term lease of the Herb Sims Wellness Center space for growing athletic programs at Bluefield were attained. Final design plans for South Campus were completed for construction at a later date of a complex containing a multi-purpose field, softball complex, and centralized fieldhouse across the road from campus. “In addition to enhancing current life at the University, this campaign has set up the institution for a future with many opportunities,” said Joshua Cline, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Marketing. “We are thankful for the investment many families have taken to benefit the institution and future students in years to come.” The University honors those who have established estate plans to benefit Bluefield University, enhance its legacy, and ensure the mission continues to impact future generations of students with a special giving club, The Heritage Society. Through this campaign and its emphasis on creating an ongoing investment in the future of Bluefield, this group added several individuals to its membership roll. Cathy Payne shared her thanks for the many who not only gave to the campaign, but worked to see its success. She noted that, “without a dedicated vision and the work completed each year of the campaign by this team, we would not have accomplished, much less exceeded, our goals.”

Dr. Charles Nunn Ms. Sarah Reid ’68 Mr. Craig Stout Rev. William Tuck ’55

GO FURTHER: THE CENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN FOR BLUEFIELD UNIVERSITY COMMITTEE Mrs. Catherine C. Payne ’92 – Campaign Chair Dr. Garry Jones ’74 – Campaign Chair Mrs. Peggy Bickford ’71 (Deceased)

Mr. Steve Bickford Dr. Donald Caudill Dr. Michael P. Harris ’97 Mr. Robert Houck ’67 Mr. Thomas Scott, Jr., Esq.


Mrs. M. Ruth Blankenship Mr. Gabriel Blakman Mr. Chris Catron Mr. Joshua D. Cline

Mr. Joshua Grubb Mrs. Nicole Kaklis Mrs. Rebecca Kasey

Mr. Hal Keene Mr. Jacob Key

Dr. David W. Olive Mrs. Tonia Walker


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