Spire 2022

As of today, Restore Ukraine has prepared and distrbuted more than 250 tons of food across Kharkiv while developing winterization projects for family households. Restore Ukraine is also forming partnerships with global organizations in order to offer permanent living accommodations for small and large families by reconstructing damaged households. “The plan for future is to prepare our warehouses with the supplies that can last an entire winter,” Yaro said. “...which is incredibly hard to do since the resources are limited. That includes long shelf-life foods because there will be massive food shortage in winter.” “Restore Ukraine faces a near-overwhelming challenge as it strives to expand its humanitarian and reconstruction operations,” shared Yaro. “But with a substantial increase in funding from global donors, Restore Ukraine can – and will – deliver Kharkiv nationals from poverty and hunger.”

The employees of Atlant spent ten days transforming the exterior of a Kindergarten building in the Kharkiv region. The team brought building materials, painted, and planted trees and bushes to turn the playground area into a beautiful space for children.

“Currently, we cannot enjoy our life to the fullest. But we remember it is temporary. Thanks to our friends and to the wonderful people who support our initiative all around the world. Step-by-step, we are getting closer to our victory. We know we will win and this idea drives us every day.”

- Restore Ukraine

To learn how you can help Restore Ukraine in the relief efforts, visit restore-ukraine.org.


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