Spire 2022

The End? | Coming Home

Leaving all this behind when I came home in April was hard. I’m glad to be home; I like driving, being with my family, and not having to convert every price tag and size label. However, I miss Oxford dearly – the close friends I made, the beautiful streets, the libraries, my church, even my daily walks and bike rides to and from my house. I once again long to return, and I’m hanging onto a fact an English friend told me: that “Oxford has a way of bringing people back to it”. From back home in the U.S., I can look back on all I’ve learned: both concrete knowledge about literature and archaeology, life hacks for bicycling and grocery shopping in England, and all kinds of insights into myself and the people around me. I can see how I’ve grown, from confidence to writing abilities to trip planning. I can laugh (and cry) over all the amazing memories I’ve made and the people I met. SCIO wasn’t an easy program, but it was incredibly worth it, and I’m so thankful for everyone and everything at BU that made it possible! My time at the University of Oxford will forever be one of my most treasured and life-shaping memories, and I hope others can get to experience it in their own right.

Addison’s Walk at Magdalen College, Oxford, England

A city view from the top of Weston Library, University of Oxford, England

Read more about Laura’s journey to Oxford at bit.ly/Laura_Oxford

Visiting Holyrood Palace in Scotland with SCIO students


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