Spire 2022


2021-2022 Rams Club Members Platinum Level $1,500 and above annual giving

Blue Level $500 to $749 annual giving

Red Level $100 to $249 annual giving Mr. and Mrs. James C. Anders Mrs. Melanie D. Atkins Mr. and Mrs. William T. Atwell Ms. Dorothy Baier Mr. Darron M. Barrus Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Bast Mrs. Erika E. Bell Mr. and Mrs. John Blankenship Ms. Courtney Booth Mr. Harold D. Brewster, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. Brent L. Brown Mr. Robert L. Brush, lll Mr. Percy Caldwell Mr. Edward P. Cales Mr. John C. Carlton Mr. Thomas R. Chaffins Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clapp Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Courtney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James "JJ" Cullens Mr. J. Michael Davidson Ms. Loretta DeToma Ms. Kathy Dimick Mr. David Gable Ms. Valerie Griffin Ms. Linda Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Harper Ms. Sonja Heino Mr. Antonio Herrera Ms. Colleen Herrera Ms. Phyllis M. Hester Ms. Allison T. Higgins Mr. Michael W. Honaker The Honorable and Mrs. Jack S. Hurley, Jr. Mrs. Kathy J. Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Hurley Mr. John R. Jarvis lll Ms. Cadence Jarvis

Mr. Branden Belush Charities Aid Foundation of America Chick-Fil-A of Mercer Mall Duchess Dairy Products

Mr. Bradford J. Bauer Bill Cole Auto Mall

White Level $250 to $499 annual giving Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Blevins Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Breeding Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cole, III Mrs. Sharon M. Cowe Encova Insurance Dr. and Mrs. Marshall E. Flowers, Jr. Mr. James A. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Justice Mr. Laymon L. Kiser, Jr. Ms. April Porter Mr. and Mrs. Jackson E. Reasor, Jr. Mrs. Sarah J. Reid Rev. and Mrs. Craig F. Stout Mr. Jeffrey M. Bast Ms. Audrey Bast Mr. and Mrs. John P. Beckett, Jr. Mr. Mark W. Burcham Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Edwards Empire Distributors Mr. Paul Heino Homer's Parts and Accessories Mr. Jacob R. Key Mr. and Mrs. Dewey G. Lusk, III Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Meadows Dr. Patricia W. Neely Dr. and Mrs. David W. Olive Mr. John Repass Mr. Charles E. Rusmisel

Gold Level $1,000 to $1,499 annual giving Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Bandy Mr. Robert S. Bickford Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Caldwell Ms. Diana L. Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Mayo, IV Ethel N. Bowen Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Teresa K. George-Wall and Mr. Dick Wall GigaBeam Networks, LLC Investment Planning Advisors, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Lilly Skewes Family Foundation Stelio & Betty Corte Charitable Foundation Swope Construction Services, Inc. Tonia G. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Mark Word

Mr. Charles Osborne Ramey Motors, Inc. Mr. Kelly Lamont Woods

Silver Level $750 to $999 annual giving

Mr. Eddie J. Rader Mr. Zachary B. Smith

Dr. Jessica H. Sharp Ms. Meredith Sutton Mr. Adam Williams

At Bluefield University access to sports is a hallmark feature of our on-campus undergraduate experience. Each academic year we witness how students' lives are greatly improved as they continue to play the sport they love and engage as a part of their team. With the generous gifts provided by our Rams Club each year, our athletic teams create dynamic experiences, provide athletic scholarships, and build an additional layer of support that enhances student success for all our athletes through to graduation. Thank you, and we hope to see you at a game this year!

Jacob Key Interim Women's Soccer Coach Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement


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