Spire 2022


Mr. and Mrs. Davis O. Throckmorton Mr.and Mrs. Benjamin P. Thurman Mr. Forrest L. Tibbs, Jr. Mrs. Cornelia P. Tillotson Timken Foundation Ms. Elizabeth M. Tinsley Ms. Pamela H. Toczek Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tolley Mr. and Mrs. Luther B. Tolley, Jr. Tommy's Inn at Millstone Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Toth Town of Bluefield, Virginia Town of Tazewell, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Duane Traglia Mrs. Margaret M. Trail Ms. Andrea E. Traynham Mrs. Christina S. Trent Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Tressler Mr. Nephtali Trevino Ms. Ann Tribbey Mrs. Bettie R. Tringali Mrs. Nixaliz A. Trinidad Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tritt Mr. Fred L. Troy Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Trupia Mr. and Mrs. Grady C. Tuck Ms. Judith H. Tuck Dr. and Mrs. William P. Tuck Mr. and Mrs. Ben Tucker Ms. Pebbles Turbeville Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Turley, Jr. Mr. Jack N. Turner Dr. John E. Turner Ms. Karen Turner Ms. Kayley G. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Turner, Jr. TurnKey KB & Associates, LLC Rev. and Mrs. Ted N. Tussey Tweetsie Railroad Twin Creek Studios Ms. Susan C. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. John Tyson The United Company Foundation Ms. Alice M. Unroe Mr. and Mrs. James E. Usselman Mr. Karan Valenti Mr. and Mrs. Sara Vallejo Valley Services, Inc. - Corporate Office Mrs. Bettye H. Van Dyke Ms. Barbara Vanaskey Ms. Haley E. Turman Mr. Bradley S. Turner

Mrs. Sharon R. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Warden Ms. Kathryn Warf Mr. Charles E. Warren, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Warren, Jr. Mr. Homer M. Warren, Jr. Ms. Linda K. Warren Mrs. Patricia J. Warren Warren Enterprises Mr. and Mrs. Tommy S. Warrington Washington Capitals Charities Mr. Terry B. Waters Mrs. Betty J. Watkins Mr. David G. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. D. Shane Watkins Dr. Donna H. Watson and Mr. Tim Keegan Mr. Jack R. Watson Mr. Louis H. Watson, Sr. Ms. Sharon A. Watts Mrs. Katie E. Waugh Mr. Andrew W. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Weaver Mrs. Gail A. Webb Mr. John E. Webb Mr. R. Brian Webb Mr. Gary F. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wecht Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Weddle Dr. Mark A. Weitzel Mr. Bobby Weller Mr. William R. Wellons Mr. C. Allen Wells, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David N. Wells Ms. Frances Tyree Wells Mr. Gregg Wells Mr. James W. Wells Wells Fargo Bank Wendbeck Corporation Wendy's of Bluefield, Virginia Mrs. Beverly A. Weslowski Mr. and Mrs. Mason K. West Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Westerman Westlake Golf and Country Club Mr. Joel A. Weston, III Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Wheeler Mr. Ellington E. Wheeless, Jr. Ms. Diane Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. James D. Whitaker Ms. Kristen H. Whitaker Mr. Franklin D. West Ms. Pamela M. West

Ms. Barbara P. Vance Coach F. Ray Vance Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. VanLear

Mrs. Sherri A. Vasbashta Mr. and Mrs. Jose Vasquez

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus C. Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Vaught Mr. and Mrs. James R. Vaught Ms. Angel E. Vazquez Mr. David Vega

Mr. John A. Velke, III Mr. Connor J. Vencill Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vencill Mr. John A. Venuti Mr. John Charles Vest

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Vest Mr. Alec Matthew Vetro Mr. Charles D. Via Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Vicars, Jr. Mr. Michael R. Vichiola Mr. Ted J. Viers Mr. Raymond B. Viets Mr. Mark T. and Dr. Mary C. Vinson Mr. Stephen T. Vinson Virginia Baptist Foundation, Inc. Virginia Capitol Connections, Inc. Virginia Counselors Association Foundation Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium, Inc. Virginia Steel & Fabrication, Inc. Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission Mr. Pedro Visacro Mrs. Beverly J. Testerman Vtt W. K. Kellogg Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Wade Mr. and Mrs Jason M. Waelti Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Waelti Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Wagner Mr. Michael C. Wagner Mrs. Rebecca C. Wagoner Mr. David L. Waldo Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Walker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Walker Mrs. Tonia G. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Wiley P. Wallace Ms. Michelle D. Waller


Walmart of Bluefield, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Walther

Mrs. Marietta H. Walton Ms. Virginia C. Walton


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