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Growing up on Bluefield’s campus in the late ’90s and early ’00s, I can remember many “memories of light.” I define these as recollections of the people and places that have made an impression on my life. These special memories include; my parents’ coworkers’ offering pieces of candy from their glass dishes, a van ride to a hockey game with the student ambassadors who were serenading everyone from the back seats, the friendly faces of the cafeteria ladies on a Sunday afternoon serving lunch, and the warmth of a Christmas party at President MacMillan’s house (now the Advancement and Alumni House). Later on, as a student, these moments became life conversations with Dr. Cindy Bascom (Professor of Communication), tennis teammates motivating me from the fence on the other side of the court, sledding down the Rish Hill on a snowy night with my then-future husband, and a desire to grow in my relationship with the Lord following a particular chapel service. As an employee, I have many more of these moments as I get to know our students and my co-workers. I’m sure you, too, have many “memories of light” as well surrounding Bluefield; the professor who encouraged you, the teammate(s) you still keep in touch with, or the chapel speaker who made an impact on your life. The stories in this centennial edition shed light on the people of Bluefield, their servant leadership, the hope they give, and the impact they have made. As you reflect on your “memories of light,” I hope they inspire you “to live as children of light.” Rebecca Kasey ‘17 Director of Public Relations & Marketing Editor, Spire

Centennial Edition

A Word from the President | 3 President Olive Talks about the Centennial Celebration and the future of Bluefield University The Grand Finale | 6 Centennial Campaign Reaches $25 Million A Legacy Set in Stone | 10 The Easley’s and Beckett’s Service to Bluefield University Reflecting Light | 14 Alumnus Aaron Peck on Sharing Bluefield Stories

Alumni Memories | 16

Special Insert - President’s Report | 19 A Note from the President | 2

2021-2022 Academic Year Quick Facts | 3 Academic Year Highlights | 4 Centennial Campaign Report | 6 Centennial Campaign Stories | 7 Centennial Campaign Donors | 8 2021 - 2022 President’s Honor Roll of Donors | 26 The Heritage Society | 34


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