Spire 2022


Mr. and Mrs. John P. Reed Mr. Sydna N. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Reedy Mr. Wayne Reedy Mr. Eugene H. Rees, Jr. Mr. Charles Reese and Mrs. Rebecca McCoy-Reese Rev. Robert E. Reese Ms. Victoria Reese Mr. Jeffery S. Reeves Mrs. Sarah J. Reid Lt. Lawrence H. Reinhold Mrs. Natalie Reitzloff Rev. Stephen S. Renalds Mr. John Repass Dr. Carl A. Restivo, Sr. Ms. Charity Opal Reynolds Mr. Charles Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. John S. Reynolds Mr. Noah S. Reynolds Mr. Robert L. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Rusty S. Rhea Mr. W. Max Rhea Mr. Charles D. Rhodes Ms. Kathy D. Rholetter Ms. Leslie Rhudy Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Rice Mr. N. Neel Rich Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rich Richard and Caroline T. Gwathmey Memorial Trust Ms. Frances E. Richards Mrs. Susan N. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Dale Richardson Miss Kayla R. Richardson Richwood Self Storage Inc. Mrs. Gilda L. Riddle Riddle Evangelistic Association Riddles Heating and Air Dr. K. Irene Rieger Mr. and Mrs. Brian Riffe Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Riffe Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Riffe Mr. Donald E. Riffe, Jr. Mr. Dale Riggins Mr. Matthew R. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. James A. Riley, Sr. Mr. Michael G. Riley Ripley's Believe It or Not! Rish Equipment Company Mr. and Mrs. James T. Ritchie Ms. Giselle A. Rivas

Ms. Christine L. Roach Mr. Joel E. Roach Ms. MyKenzie K. Roach Mr. and Mrs. Caleb T. Robbins

Ms. Melissa J. Ruminski Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ruminski

Mrs. Sheli S. Rush Ms. Danielle Rusher

Mr. Tanaka G. Rushwaya Mr. Charles E. Rusmisel Mrs. Deborah P. Russell Mr. Gary A. Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rutherford, Jr. Ms. Renita Rutledge Ms. Tamara Ryan

Mr. Chad Robbins Ms. Kathy Roberts

Mr. Michael L. Roberts Mrs. Patricia W. Roberts Ms. Elizabeth Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Robertson Mr. James W. Robertson Ms. Aamyah E. Robinson Dr. Chester R. Robinson Mr. Chris Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Q. Robinson

Ms. Catherine D. Ryder S. A. Carlisle HVAC, Inc. Ms. Helen B. Sabo Mr. Joseph T. Salinetro Sam's Club

Dr. Lisa Robinson Ms. Helena Roca Ms. Laura Roca Rock City

Ms. Susan L. Sanders Mrs. Diana L. Sandifer Sandston Baptist Church Mr. Matthew M. Sansone Ms. Sue Sansone Mr. Jorge L. Santiago Nicolai Mr. John Saputo Mr. Michael Sarabia Mr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Sarver Mr. Pete Sarver Mrs. Sandra M. Saseen-Smith Mrs. Donna C. Satterfield Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Saunders Dr. and Mrs. Joe C. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Saunders Ms. Noel R. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saunders Pastor George Sayour Mrs. Peggy M. Sayres Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Schaffer Mrs. Faye D. Schell Mr. Frank L. Schipula Mr. Phil Schloss Ms. Elizabeth A.Schofield Mrs. Clara E. Schreiber Mr. Robert A. Schreiber Mrs. Debra K. Schroeder Mr. Timothy J. Schuler Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schulz Mrs. Theresa B. Schwab Mr. and Mrs. R. Wayne Schwartz Science Museum of Western Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Scipio Mrs. Joyce D. Scott

Rockbridge Regional Library System Mr. and Mrs. John G. Rocovich, Jr. Roger Roller Evangelistic Association Mr. Allen D. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Rogers Mrs. B. Kay Rogers-Caminade Ms. Nancy C. Rojas Mrs. B. Catherine Roland Rev. and Mrs. Roger J. Roller Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Romano Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rorrer Mr. Camilo Rosales Mr. Fred Rose Ms. Michaela L. Rose Ms. Patricia Rose Dr. and Mrs. Burton B. Ross Rev. and Mrs. E. Larry Ross Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ross Ross Lane & Company, LLC Mrs. Zelda M. Rosti Mr. Brent Roswall Rotary Club of Bluefield, Virginia Rotary Club of Bluefield, West Virginia Ms. Elizabeth Rountree Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Rountree Ms. Karen Rouse Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rowland Mr. Raymond G. Rowland, Jr. Mr. Tye Roylance Mr. and Mrs. Christian C. Ruark Mr. Joseph P. Ruddell Mr. and Mrs. William Rudnick Mr. Greg Ruminski



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