Spire 2022


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan P. Frazier Mr. and Mrs. William C. Frazier Fredeking/Stafford Construction Company, Inc. Mrs. Lois Freeman Mr. and Mrs. James T. French Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Frey, Jr. Mr. Brian J. Fritzinger Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Fritzinger Ms. Michelle G. Froeschle Ms. Lelia A. Fry Mr. Robert Wood Fugate Ms. Amy Fuller Mr. David Gable Ms. Victoria Gable Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Gabrielson Mr. Walter N. Gainer, II Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Gallamore Ms. Heather Gardner Ms. Helen P. Garrett Mrs. Ila F. Garrett Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Garrett Mr. Ernest L. Gary GBS Fence Company General Electric Fund Mr. and Mrs. Charles Genga Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gentry Mr. Morgan R. George George M. Cruise Charitable Foundation Ms. Teresa K. George and Mr. Richard Wall Gethsemane Baptist Church Dr. Mark Gettle Mr. David W. French, Jr. Ms. Deborah A. French Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Gary Mr. Timothy C. Gasperson Dr. Harold D. Gibson Mr. Loomis H. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gibson Ms. Scharlotte R. Gibson GigaBeam Networks, LLC Mr. David W. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Franz E. Gilbert Mrs. Barbara M. Gillespie Ms. Lucinda L. Gillespie Mrs. Marilyn Barr Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Gilliam Mr. and Mrs. William N. Gilmer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua T. Grubb Mr. and Mrs. Raul A. Grumberg Mr. Michael P. Gullion Ms. Marva Gumbs Dr. Charles G. Gunn, Jr. Mr. John A. Gunter Mrs. Karen R. Gunter Mr. Stanley Gunter Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gutowski Mr. Michael H. Gutu H & H Enterprises H. Coleman and Janet Goodman Family Foundation Ms. Amy R. Haberlein Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hadden Mr. and Mrs. Lowell B. Haga Ms. Lisa D. Hager Rev. and Mrs. Rodney J. Hale Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. Haley Mr. William C. Haley, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Hall Dr. Cline E. Hall Mr. J. Timothy Hall Mr. M. E. Marty Hall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Hall Rev. and Mrs. Ronald C. Hall Mrs. Shirley A. Hall Mr. Tony B. Hall Mr. and Mrs. J. Renis Hallford Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Halliday Mrs. April R. Halsey Mr. and Mrs. David A. Halstead Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Halstead Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Hamblin Mr. Malik Hamili Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Hamilton Mrs. Eugenia H. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Hancock Mr. Ronchez L. Hancock Mrs. Patricia A. Setzer Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Haner Mr. Thomas Eli Hairfield Mrs. Rachel E. Hairston Mr. Byron H. Hale Mr. Robert E. Hale

Mr. James W. Godsey Rev. James B. Godwin, Sr. Dr. James M. Godwin, III Mr. Steven Gomez Drs. Larry and Ellen Goode Mr. Mark W. Goodin Mr. Andrew W. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Goodman Mrs. Sara E. Goodson Goodsons Supermarkets, Inc. Mr. Donald D. Goodwin Goody's of Wytheville, VA Mr. Mark W. Gordon Mr. Tanner B. Gordon Mr. Eric D. Graetzer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Graf Lieutenant and Mrs. Kelly F. Graham Ms. Sarah R. Graham Mrs. Shirley A. Graham Mr. Alvaro Grande Grandfather Mountain Ms. Kelly S. Grant Grant's Supermarket Ms. Jeanefer C. Grantham Mr. Raymond J. Graver Mrs. Glenna S. Gray Mr. James A. Gray, Jr. Mrs. Laura L. Gray Mr. Andy Green Green Valley Bowling Center Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Greene Mr. Kevin G. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Greenwood Ms. Ellen M. Greer Mr. Robert W. Greer Dr. Bobby F. Griffin Ms. Lauren Griffin Mr. Russell S. Griffin Ms. Valerie Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Clark D. Griffith Ms. Julie G. Griggs Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Grimes, II Mrs. Iva L. Grimes Dr. Charles R. Green Mrs. Rhoda J. Green


Ms. Anne B. Grimmer Mr. Anton E. Groff, Jr. Ms. Irene M. Groff

Hanging Rock Golf Club Mrs. Patricia S. Hankins Mrs. Betty B. Hanks Mrs. Patricia B. Harbuck Mr. Austin Hardin Mr. Kevin D. Harding

Mrs. Patricia C. Grogan Mr. R. Roger Groover Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Gross Mrs. Kellie C. Grove

Mrs. Rosa L. Gilmore Mr. William J. Gilroy Mrs. Louise Rae K. Gloeckler


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