Spire 2022


4imprint.com Ms. Susan M. Aaron Mr. Evan M. Abbey Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Abbey Ms. Donna Abbott Rodney R. Abrahams, D.D.S. ACE Adventure Resort

Mrs. Judith D. Angles Mrs. Vickie J. Angus Anheuser-Busch Foundation Mrs. Bobbie M. Anker Anytime Fitness Appalachian College Association Appalachian Community Fund Applebee's of Bluefield, VA Mr. L. Herbert Apsley, Jr. Ms. Kim Arguello Mr. Blair M. Armbrsiter Dr. and Mrs. David M. Armbrister Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Chadrick L. Arnold Dr. and Mrs. Joshua R. Arnold Mrs. Natalie Arnold Arvil V. and Mary A. Adams Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. C. Todd Asbury Mrs. Julia B. Ashley Mr. Michael Ashton Mrs. Tina M. Ashwell Mr. David A. Ashworth Mr. and Mrs. Lamar K. Atkins, Jr. Mrs. Melanie Dawn Atkins Mrs. Rennie B. Atkins Mr. Jeffrey A. Atwell Mr. and Mrs. William T. Atwell Auburn Hills Golf Club Rev. and Mrs. David E. Ausby Mrs. Floriene A. Austin Mrs. Sarah B. Austin Ms. Sarah E. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Austin Ms. Vera L. Austin Ms. Jennifer C. Avellino Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Avery Mr. John A. Ayers Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ayers, II Mrs. Marsha C. Ayers Mr. Reginald L. Ayers Mr. Wayne A. Ayers Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Ayscue Ms. Patricia Babbitt Back of the Dragon Ms. Randa Bahmed Ms. Dorothy Baier Mr. Barry L. Bailey Miss Betty G. Bailey Ms. Brooke N. Bailey Drs. David L. and Judith B. Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Bailey Mrs. Dorothy O. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Gene F. Bailey Mr. Jeffrey A. Bailey Dr. Judith B. Bailey Mrs. Karyl L. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bailey Ms. Ramona A. Bailey Ms. Shannon Bailey Mr. Thomas L. Bailey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hardy Bailey-Kirk Funeral Home, Inc. Mr. Allen W. Baker, Jr. Ms. Dianne H. Baker Mrs. E. Carole Baker Rev. and Mrs. David N. Baldwin Mr. Steve Baldwin Ms. Beth Ballance Mr. Andrew Balthaser Mr. and Mrs. David P. Balthaser Ms. Jeannette R. Balthaser Ms. Rebekah Balthaser Ms. Sheila Balthaser Mrs. Virginia N. Balthaser Bandy Auto, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Bandy Mrs. Jean H. Bane Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bane, Sr. Bank of America Foundation - NationsBank Bankers Insurance, LLC Mr. Britton Banks, Jr. Baptist General Association of Virginia Barbara A. Custalow Living Trust Mrs. Mary Susan Barge Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson R. Barker Mr. Phillip H. Barker Ms. Margaret Barnes Mrs. Phyllis B. Barnes Ms. Sharon Barnes Mr. Benjamin Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Barnette Mrs. Donna B. Barnum Mrs. Andrea R. Barr Mr. Benjamin G. Barrett Mrs. Euna T. Barrett Ms. Ana G. Barros Mr. Darron M. Barrus Barter Theatre Mrs. Lynnette M. Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bartnick Barton Ford Suffolk

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Acken Dr. and Mrs. Arvil V. Adams Mr. Thomas W. Addison Mr. David B. Adkins Rev. Coan G. Agee Rev. and Mrs. Dan W. Agee Mr. Charlie M. Agnew Rev. and Mrs. George T. Agnew Mrs. Jessica R. Akers Aladdin Food Management Services, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Albright Mr. and Mrs. John I. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. S. Tyrone Alexander, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin I. Allen Mr. Christopher J. Allen Mr. Mark W. Albini Mr. Chuck Albrecht Altizer & Associates Company Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Alvarez Ms. Tamara J. Alvarez-Espinal Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ameli, Jr. American Electric Power American Online Giving Foundation American Shakespeare Center Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ammar Mr. J. Craig Amos Mr. and Mrs. James C. Anders Ms. Jessica L. Anders Mr. and Mrs. James C. Anders Mr. William C. Anders Mr. Danny T. Anderson Mr. Donald Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth C. Anderson Mrs. Mary Kathleen Anderson Mr. and Mrs. P. Warren Anderson, Jr. Mr. William G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Willie E. Anderson Mrs. Katrina L. Allen Mrs. Kimberly C. Allen Mrs. Susan L. Allen Mrs. Shelley Allmond Mr. Kyle E. Almond Mr. Attilio S. Aloia Alorica Mrs. Theresa L. Altice



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