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$25,026,707.23 The $18 Million Centennial Campaign for Bluefield University

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$ 25,026,707.23

Each spring and winter as graduates line up for the processional, I have the privilege to offer well-wishes and hear of the plans of our newest alumni. During these moments, I draw graduates' attention to the nomenclature intentionally chosen to title the day. You see many title this as graduation, which is technically the conferral of the degree. It implies an ending and that the work is done. However, at Bluefield, we purposefully designate the ceremony as a commencement: a beginning, or a start. As we celebrate the successful conclusion of Go Further: The Centennial Campaign for Bluefield University, we too should not consider this the ending. Likewise, it is a strong start to our second century of Christian higher education. As we have stood on the shoulders of those who founded and built this venerable institution in the past 100 years, future generations will benefit and build upon the noble efforts of this campaign. Thank you for your steadfast support. We invite you to continue with us as we ensure "Bluefield University is a Christ-centered learning community developing servant leaders to transform the world.” Joshua D. Cline '09, Vice President for Institutional Advancement


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