Spire 2022

2021-2022 Board of Trustees Mr. C. Todd Asbury '93, Chair Mr. John Beckett, Jr. Mr. Steve Bickford Dr. Jeff Bloomer Mr. Brandon Caldwell '02 Mrs. Teresa Cole '85 Rev. Rodney Hale '60 Rev. Ron Hall '81 Mr. Robert "Bob" Houck '67 Mr. Allen Jessee Mrs. Julie Johnson '88 Mr. David Kirk '90 Mr. David T. Larimer, II '92 Mrs. Phyillis Marcom

Centennial Scripture

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light – for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.” Ephesians 5:8-9


Dr. Dixie Tooke-Rawlins Mr. Jackson E. Reasor, Jr. Mr. John Rocovich, Jr. Mr. Thomas R. Scott, Jr. Rev. Craig Stout Dr. Jerry Turley Mr. Michael A. Wade Mr. William S. Winfrey, II Mr. Lamont Woods '92

As we conclude our first century of service at Bluefield University, it is important that we collectively pause for a final time to reflect on the journey that has brought us to this moment in time. Our history reflects a resilient institution. However, it is not the buildings on campus or our programs that have ultimately shaped us. It is the people. The generations of people connected by Bluefield University are the enduring feature that has caused this institution to go further. As you review this annual report, take note of the many names throughout. More so, consider the greater collective formed when counting all who have supported Bluefield through the decades. We have strived together to see God's light shine through this Lighthouse on the Hill for 100 years. Let us continue on the journey together, and welcome new supporters along the way, to see the mission of Bluefield University carried out in our second century of Christian higher education. Partnering with you in faithful service,

Trustees Emeriti

2020-2021 Advisory Council Dr. Randy Belt '94 Dr. David L. Bailey, Jr. '60 Dr. Jane Duremedes Dr. T. Keith Edwards Dr. Daniel E. Grabeel, Sr. '55 Mr. Margaret Leonard '55 Dr. Charles B. Nunn, Jr. Mr. David Skidmore

Mrs. Kathy Berry '75 Ms. Cindy Carter '75 Dr. Don Caudill Mr. William Gilmer Dr. Bobby F. Griffin Mr. Dennis Harper '71

Mr. Mark Hipes '03 Dr. Garry Jones '74 Mr. Howard Mayo '88 Ms. Jennifer Mitchell '08 Mrs. Leann Montgomery '05 Mrs. Rebecca Peterson

Mr. Eddie Rader '03 Mr. Robert Ramey '98

Mr. Nolan Rich '52 Mrs. A.J. Robinson Mrs. Cynthia Sheets '91 Mr. Peter Taylor Rev. William P. Tuck '55, Chair Mrs. Jennifer Turley '96 2020-2021 Alumni Board of Directors Mrs. Hallie Elder '13 Ms. Courtney Ellis '97 Ms. Lydia Freeman '13 Mr. Eli Hairfield '17 Mrs. Rebecca Kasey '17 Ms. Beth Kinser '18 Mr. Morgan Loyd '13, Vice President Mr. Tim Mann '88 Mr. Wayne Pate '73 Ms. Sarah Pauley '19 Mr. Dennis Peters '61 Mr. Scott Polhamhus '11 Ms. Olivia Ray '18 Mrs. Sara English Rutherford '96, President Mr. William Michael Rutherford '98 Mr. Zachary Smith, Esq. '08, Past President Ms. Allison Campbell '18 Mr. Stephen Coffman '97 Mr. Matthew Moore '13 Mr. Matthew Mullins '18

Bluefield University is a Christ-centered learning community developing servant-leaders to transform the world. University Mission Statement

University Core Values

We are Christian in outlook, Baptist in tradition, and welcoming to each person.

We are committed to academic excellence and life-long inquiry embracing the liberal arts tradition through the study of humanities, sciences, professional studies, and graduate programs.

We are a diverse community characterized by integrity, mutual respect, support, and encouragement.

We are passionate about helping students understand their life calling and become compassionate, globally-minded servant leaders.


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