Spire 2022

"For me, it was the people. Throughout your life you will meet lots of people. But the people I met through Bluefield, whether it was during my time as a student (1999-2003) or my tenure as a staff member (2005-2017), the people made a lasting impression on my life. My friends, my residents, my RA’s, my SUB members, my Alpha Delta sisters, my colleagues all became an extended family to me. While social media is a lot of things, I’m thankful for it in that it keeps me connected to my Bluefield family and the new chapters of their lives. The chapters of my life that involved Bluefield College, I think of fondly and am so grateful God led my steps to the lighthouse on a hill. Also, I met my husband at Bluefield and he is a treasure!

- Kelly Bittler (Somers) '03

"Community. A word that never meant much to me until I went to BU and gained a community of Christian friends that changed my life. The friends I gained during my time in college changed my life and still encourage me in my relationship with God. Bluefield really is a small family that you can rely on during college and after. Not to mention meeting my husband at BU which definitely is my greatest blessing I gained during my time in college. You never know how four years can change your life and the community I gained at BU impacted my life forever." - Ashley Bauer '20

"Bluefield brought me together with people from all over the world. I was about to build relationships with them that will last for the rest of my life." - Eli Hairfield '17

“Looking back, I realize the education was helpful in my journey in retail. I may not have been as successful without my Bluefield experience. The friendships made 45 years ago still stand today, as 19 of us, made the journey to Bluefield for the 100 anniversary. I wish all 300+ could have been there, and I’m looking forward to the next trip.” -Stanley Klich '75

"Bluefield University brought me to my best friends showing me my strengths and weaknesses. I love the school more than I thought, the little school tucked in the mountains, showed me that I can achieve more than I thought. I loved playing soccer, running cross country, and a member of the track and field team. One of my most fave memories is when Dr. (Marshall) Flowers and his wife (Linda) would come to cheer us on!! You can't forget Mud Pig Day, I loved it!!" - Samantha Dickens '21


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