Saint Francis Service Dogs 2022 Annual Report

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Throughout her career, Lucy swam locally, nationally, and even internationally as a Paralympic athlete. She continued the sport, going on to swim at the collegiate level for Notre Dame of Maryland University. Years later, a few friends told Lucy about Saint Francis Service Dogs and encouraged her to apply. She started the years long process, and in 2019, met with a black lab named Beck for the first time. Lucy says, “I actually didn’t feel an immediate connection with Beck, but I trusted the process. They saw something I didn’t.” The Saint Francis team did see something in Beck. Her trainer knew Beck as a loyal, smart dog who loved working and braved new situations with ease. When Lucy and Beck started off on their journey together after graduating in 2020, Lucy quickly saw the same. “She is always ready to work and go at a moment’s notice. Beck is sweet, loyal and reliable. She is always there checking on me,” says Lucy. “Beck doesn’t even like the water. But, when I am swimming, she is always right there waiting for me at the end of lane.” Using the more than 40 commands taught during her training at Saint Francis, Beck assists Lucy daily with many physical tasks that allow her to live a more independent life. “She helps me by picking up items that I drop, or tugging doors open. She retrieves my phone or other things I need. She likes that she has to go find them,” Lucy says. “Having a Saint Francis dog is very special. It is not your average service dog. Countless hours have been put in to make sure you and your service dog are a good fit for one another. I am very fortunate to have Beck and be a part of this organization.” For Lucy, one of the very best parts of her partnership with her Saint Francis Service Dog is knowing that Beck will always be by her side…. no matter where life takes them.

“Countless hours go into making sure you and your service dog are a perfect fit for one another.”


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