Saint Francis Service Dogs 2022 Annual Report


$250+ (cont.) Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Helinger

$250+ (cont.) Ms. Rochelle Hon. Frederick Rockwell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roettger Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rollins Dana Rose Ms. Sarah Rubush Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Schoenberg Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scriven Mrs. Drusilla Sexton ✚ Mr. Robert Shaff Mrs. Barbara Shands Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shelton Ms. Pamela Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith

Ms. Celeste Hicks Mr. Mark Hinton

Membership in this leadership group is reserved for those who give generously to support Saint Francis Service Dogs and our vital Prison Pup Program. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison Kenneth “Andy” Anderson and Dr. Marti Anderson Mike and Carol Anderson Dr. Tim Andriano Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brunette Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Sally Craver Jo Lynn Draper Duffy Family Foundation Mr. Peter Emch

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houska ✧ Terry and Jenni Hutchinson Ms. Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado ✦ Ms. Anne Jenkins ✦

Mr. and Mrs. Karen Jones Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp ✚ Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kriz Mrs. Jackie Lantz ✦✚ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Long Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mabe Mr. and Mrs. Edward Machado Ms. Cynthia Martin ✚ Mr. Tim Masick ✦✚ Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Mathena Mrs. Juanita Mawyer Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece ✚ Ms. Christine Merriman Mr. Walter Miller

Ms. Cheryl Snead Mrs. Karen Snyder Ms. Kris Sorensen ✦✚ Jeremy Spitzer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Starr Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Stavola Judy Steigerwald Ms. Jacqueline Streithof Alden Suttle Mr. and Mrs. Nick Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin-Brenner Ms. Mary Turner Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann ✚ Ms. Lavonia Welfare Dr. WilliamWellborn Westlake Veterinary Clinic Mr. Gary Wilburn Ms. Marilyn Wilson and Mr. Art Hafdelin Mr. Ronald Winter ✚ Mr. and Mrs. JimWisser ✦✚ Mr. and Mrs. M. Lanier Woodrum

Ms. and Ms. Diane Montemayor ✚ Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Moore Ms. Kathy Morck Newcomers Club of the Roanoke Valley Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Nottingham Mr. and Mrs. Jay O’Keeffe Mr. Kevin Parker and Mrs. Tina Rhea Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez ✚ Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pope Ms. Jeanne Raeder

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler First Four Petroleum LLC Linda and Frank Foti Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foti Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz Mr. Ed Hall

Happy Endings Bar and Grill Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward Ms. Mary Anne Mullins and Mr. Christopher Robinson Ms. Yvonne Olson Mr. and Mrs. John Olver Ms. Elizabeth Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine Mrs. Emily Reynolds Mike and Krista Sinnott Mrs. Joy Davis Smith Mr. Marvin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss Mr. Maury Strauss Jr. Suzanne Thorniley Varsity Landscaping and Grounds

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reed Jonathan Richardson Ms. Janet Riddlebarger Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc. Cindy and Tom Roberts

Mr. Herbert Wyrick Amanda Zarrabian

Thank you! We could not fulfill our mission without you! Do to space constraints, we regret that we were unable to include all of our valuable supporters in this annual report. For a full listing of all 2022 donors and volunteers, visit We have taken great care to present an accurate and complete listing of our supporters. If an omission occurred, we express our sincere regret and ask that it be brought to our attention by contacting Kari Grim, Philanthropy Coordinator, at or 540-342-3647x405.

Karen and Chuck Wakeford Mr. and Mrs. Barton Wilner Ms. Dianne Woody

For more information about Big Dogs or how to become a Big Dog, contact Amy Milberger at or 540-342-3647x409


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