Saint Francis Service Dogs 2022 Annual Report

ANNUAL DONORS This Annual List includes generous contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations during the 2022 calendar year. We could not fulfill our mission without you! Thank you!

✦ Volunteer

✚ Friends Club

✶ Big Dogs

✧ Legacy Society

$100,000+ Ms. Jo Lynn Draper ✦✶ The Joan Showalter Irrevocable Trust ✧ $50,000+ The Dorrene A. Whorton Revocable Trust ✧ Hittman Family Foundation Sharron G. Doss Trust ✧

$5,000+ (cont.) The NM Foundation

$1,000+ (cont.) Dodson Pest Control Ms. Alice Dugger Ms. Anne-Paige Duncan Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke, Inc. Mrs. Boo Evans FGP Foundation Ms. Carole Ford Gary and Sandra Bradford Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack ✦✚ Ms. Cathie Havrilesky ✚ Ms. Shari Henry Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham Elizabeth Irwin Key Living Options, Inc. Krevere Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaPrade Ms. Nicole Laroche Lawrence Transportation Systems LEEPS Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Love ✚ Lyerly Foundation Dr. Ann Martyn and Dr. Frank O’Brien PhD. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald Member One Federal Credit Union Milan Tobacconists Ms. Lynne Falkinburg Ms. Charlene Fay ✦✚ Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward ✶ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr Mr. and Mrs. David Nash New River Electrical Corp. Oakey’s Pet Funeral Home and Crematory Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olson Ms. Jill Petro Mr. and Mrs. Mike Poff Angela Polizzi Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rayfield Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rearick Reid’s Fine Furnishing Mrs. Emily Reynolds ✶ Roanoke Elks Lodge 197 Roanoke Natural Foods Co-Op Roanoke Valley Mopar Club Mr. and Mrs. David Rowan Mr. Lloyd Ruona Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saacke Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Savage Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shearer ✦ Mr. and Mrs. Barry Shelor

$1,000+ (cont.) Varsity Landscaping and Grounds ✶ Virginia Association of Governmental Procurement Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wade Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wakeford Ms. Melissa White Dr. Courtney and Mr. Spencer Wiegard ✦✚ Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winter ✦ Woods Rogers PLC Wordsprint Ms. Fran Young

Mr. and Mrs. John Olver ✶ Ms. Elizabeth Parsons ✶ Mrs. Sarah Plymale Estate of Luther Quick ✧ Ms. Sandra Reed Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Krista Sinnott ✦✶✚ United Way - Combined Federal Campaign Ms. Dianne Woody ✦✶ $2,500+ The Carter and Kay Craigie Family Foundation Church of the Good Shepherd Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia County of Roanoke Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver ✦✶✧ Ms. Carole Denney ✚ Mrs. Melodee Franck Greater Houston Community Foundation Mrs. Betsy Hatfield Ms. Sandra Henson Ms. Annette Kirby ✦ Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kirk Terri Moss James and Suzanne Nawrocki Mr. and Mrs. Martin O’Brien Mr. Douglas and Dr. Kris Oursler ✦ Partners in Financial Planning Waldvogel Commercial Properties ✦ $1,000+ The Adelaar Foundation Anonymous AnR Career Solutions Mr. Ralph Baker ✚ Mr. and Mrs. Craig Balzer ✦ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barnes ✦ Mr. John Barnes Mrs. Jan Barnett Mark and Kathy Baske Young ✦ Bluefield Baseball Club, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley ✦✚ C.A. Barrs Contractor, Inc. Carilion Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crossley Ms. Lucy Davis Dr. Allison Divers and Dr. David Williams Whitlow and Youell, PLC Mr. and Mrs. Ann Marie and Reggie Wood ✚✧

$25,000+ Anonymous ✧ The Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation James R. Loux Estate ✧ Kroger Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine ✦✶ Roanoke Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith ✶✧ ZiMS Foundation $15,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison ✶ Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brunette ✶ Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler ✦✶ Mrs. Tricia McMahon Nestle Purina Petcare Co. Mr. and Mrs. Barton Wilner ✶ $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foti ✶ Guilford Foundation The Louise R. Lester Foundation Ms. Donna Musgrave Musgrave Family Foundation The Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven Strauss ✦✶ $5,000+ Bessemer Trust Mr. and Mrs. John Burress Mr. and Mrs. Steven Chisholm CMRF Enterprises, Inc. ✶ Mr. Peter Emch ✶ First Four Petroleum LLC ✶ Ms. Katherine Fralin Mr. and Mrs. Humes Franklin Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz ✶ Mr. Edwin Hall ✶✧ M.W. Armistead III Family Foundation Ms. Mary Mullins and Mr. Christopher Robinson ✶

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zeller Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zinn

$500+ AmazonSmile Foundation Mr. and Mrs. S. Rawson Andrews Anonymous (2)

Ms. Crystal Armes Dr. Eugene Bane

and Ms. Elizabeth Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barbour ✦ Ms. Amanda Baumgardner Ms. Peggy Bizjak Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bramson Branch Management Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Broomall Jill Brown BSC Acquisition Sub LLC Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin ✦✚ Dr. Jeff and Dr. Lynn Clark The Rev. Dr. Robert Copenhaver Country Corner Farms Inc. Ms. Lee Cox ✚ Ms. Ashley Craver and Mr. Howard Rice Ms. Karin Crockett Mr. and Mrs. Warner Dalhouse The Davis Family Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Kay DeGiorgi Mr. Brian Desloge Dr. Charlotte and Mr. Richard Dietz Mr. and Mrs. William Elliot Mr. and Mrs. Edward Evans Mrs. Kathleen Fitzpatrick Mr. Frank Flippin and Ms. Sarah Copenhaver Mr. and Mrs. Hans Foss Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gard Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gatewood Tammy Geis Ms. Deborah Duerk ✚ Ms. Carole Edwards ✚

Ms. Nancy Smith ✚ Mr. Bodo Stock ✚✧ Mr. William Stone

Mrs. Corinth Treadway Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trible


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