Saint Francis 2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

PARTNERS PAWS AND Empowering and transforming the lives of people with disabilities - one dog, one person, one family, one community at a time Where My Heart Belongs a special edition of a pup’s progress

“The love I got from each and every person along my way helped me end up right where I am supposed to be.”

- Lion

Hi! It’s me, Lion, and boy, do I have BIG NEWS to share with all of you!

I MADE IT! I am officially a Saint Francis Service Dog. It has been such a fun and sometimes challenging journey to get here. But, as I now sit beside my new partner, Rick, there is nowhere else I would rather be. Every single Saint Francis Service Dog has a unique path. We get so much love and encouragement from so many people. Our big family at Saint Francis is patient and attentive and always has our best interests at heart. For me especially, it is the care of so many that got me here!


A message from Cabell

2024 has me worried. Out there in the world, wars are popping up. Here at home, the pundits say this election will have us all at each other’s throats by the fall. Everywhere, the weather is weird. Sometimes it feels like everything is crumbling. So after some thought, I’ve decided to address my anxiety by becoming a Puppy Raiser. That means that an eight-week-old puppy will come home to live with me. I will adjust my schedule and rework my routine – by which I mean I am going to upend my life. I know I am going to fall head over heels in love with this puppy, and then I will give this precious creature away. Basically, I am planning my own heartbreak. Two reasons: First, a puppy will make me focus on the immediate and the small, which will keep me grounded and happy. When you have a puppy, you do things like sit in the grass and play. You go for walks that are derailed by mundane occurrences like a leaf on the sidewalk. You celebrate tiny victories. The experience is often ridiculous, sometimes frustrating, and always refreshing to the soul. Overall, it is an excellent antidote to national and international problems over which I have no influence. Why? Secondly, it will plug me directly into the Saint Francis family. I can’t say enough good things about these people. They are all participating in their own ways in this vast effort we are making to change the world for people with disabilities. You will read about

some of them in this newsletter. In my job, it is easy to get caught up in strategic planning, budgets, oversight, and other logistics. Puppy raising will put me closer to the people doing the work that makes our mission sing. I am inspired by our volunteers, donors, and staff, all of whom give freely of their hearts, talents, and resources to make our world a fundamentally better place. I am looking forward to spending time with them as a puppy raiser. I will admit, I am scared - because if everything goes well and the puppy succeeds, my heart breaks. Confusingly, I am also anxious, because I don’t want to mess up and cause the puppy to fail. It’s a complicated bundle of emotions, but it feels right. Maybe it feels right because I don’t think we are supposed to sit back and watch the world crumble. I think we are supposed to pitch in, pick up the pieces, and help put things back together wherever and however we can. I am deeply grateful to work with people committed to bringing joy and hope to this tired, increasingly grumpy, old world.

Wish me luck!

Executive Director


Where My Heart Belongs continued from cover You see, when I was born, something wasn’t quite right. My Saint Francis family took me to a big place called Virginia Tech so the veterinarians could figure out why I wasn’t growing like my sisters. They said I had something wrong with my heart and would need surgery to get better. And just like that, my journey took a twist. Would I ever be able to grow up to be a service dog and help change someone’s life? It would take time, extra special care, and a whole lot of people who believed in me. Luckily, that is exactly what happened. The doctors who fixed my heart, the incredible volunteers who helped raise and care for me, and the staff and trainers at Saint Francis who taught me all I needed to know - they all helped make my biggest dream come true. When I was finally ready to start meeting the people who might be my partner, I was very nervous. But, my friends at Saint Francis knew I was ready. During my matching interview with Rick, I felt right at home. So much so, that I walked over and laid down at his feet and turned over for a belly rub! I knew I had found my person. Rick, his wife Linda, and I spent a lot of time together after that. The trainers at Saint Francis made sure I could help Rick in the best way possible, and that he knew how to give me all the special commands I had worked so hard to learn. Now, I wake up with Rick every day! He takes me on lots of walks, which he says motivates him and keeps him moving. I help him by opening and closing doors and drawers and retrieving items he needs. I know how to go get a “help button,” which puts Linda’s mind at ease when she is not with us at home. Rick calls me his “smile magnet.” He says it’s because when people see us, we get three smiles. First, they smile at me, then they look at Rick and smile, then Rick smiles back.

But, I’s really four. Because I am smiling too.


To read prior editions of A Pup’s Progress, visit


Lion’s Pride With Thanks to Our Saint Francis Family

When Lion was born in 2021, he was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Persistent Right Aortic Arch . It made it difficult for Lion to eat solid food and required surgery at the veterinary hospital at Virginia Tech when he was just a few months old. Now, as he begins his next chapter as a service dog, it seems to have all come full circle. Lion lives with his new partner, Rick, close the hospital that helped him on his journey. “I feel that Lion was meant to wind up living in the Blacksburg area, where he had the surgery that saved his life and allowed him to become a service dog. He and I have both been through a lot of challenges in our younger years, even before we ever met,” Rick says. Dr. Julie Cecere, part of the veterinary team that handled Lion’s case says, “We are so glad that Lion was a success. It’s not often we get to see these dogs beyond breeding and puppyhood, so I was thrilled to give Lion a huge hug and talk with his new family.”

Rick says, “It’s like we were meant to be together - to care for and about each other. I look forward to many happy years ahead with Lion by my side.”

This partnership would not have been possible without the help of all the people - Lion’s Pride - who contributed to his care and training over the last several years.

Thank you...

Tonya Harmon and Family - Volunteer and Lion’s Whelper Dr. Amy Frazier and Family - Volunteer and Lion’s Puppy Raiser/Foster

Debbie Clifton - Staff Member and Lion’s Trainer Cortney Thibodeau - Staff Member and Lion’s Trainer Kathy Marr - Staff Member and Lion’s Foster The Veterinarians and Staff at the Virginia - Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine’s Hospital including: Dr. Julie Cecere Dr. Orsolya Barlogh Lydia Polland for helping Lion on his journey from puppy to partner.


The care of our puppies and dogs in training is of the absolute highest priority for all of us at Saint Francis. When one of our dogs needs extra care and attention because of illness or surgery, we are prepared to do all it takes to get them on the road to recovery. Located next to our main kennels, we have a special room that helps our dogs do just that: relax and heal, while keeping them separate from the other dogs in training until they are healthy. We call it our Isolation Kennel. Saint Francis Veterinary Advisor, Mark Finkler, says, “Though not a common problem at Saint Francis, in the event that a dog develops contagious conditions such as kennel cough or a gastrointestinal bug, we must be prepared.” Behind the Scenes For When They Need Us Most With a separate exit and entrance, its own air circulation system, and its own bathing and cleaning station, this space is designed to ensure we can keep all of our dogs as safe as possible. It also serves as a quiet place for dogs who may have undergone surgery and need extended periods of down time before returning to training. “Dogs recovering from surgery need to rest in a quiet environment and not be tempted to overdo it, which could occur if they were housed adjacent to healthy, energetic puppies and dogs,” says Dr. Finkler. Just recently, we made one small improvement to help make things just a little more comfortable for our dogs in our Isolation Kennel. We installed a TV! In between visits and snuggles from our staff and veterinary externs, we now play soothing shows that can help prevent anxiety and provide distractions for any pup not feeling their best. With the important journey ahead of them, our exceptional dogs in training can always count on extra special care when they need it most.


Partner Spotlight Ian and Archie

The pond at The Luke Woody Memorial Garden offers an idyllic welcome to Saint Francis. It is a place to celebrate the incredible bond between humans and their animals. This year, it also became the perfect setting for one of our extraordinary partners to achieve a monumental goal…all with his Saint Francis Service Dog by his side. “Selecting Saint Francis for my Eagle Scout project came naturally to me. I wanted to give back to show how grateful I am for partnering me with Archie,” says Ian. Ian was partnered with Archie in early 2020, just at the door of the COVID pandemic. Silvia, Ian’s mother, says with Archie by his side, so many things changed for Ian, and by extension, their whole family. “Archie brought us comfort, steadiness, motivation, independence, and hope. Archie’s support is a reflection on Ian’s strong personal and educational growth these past many years,” says Silvia. “Few knew Ian before Archie, but many know Ian with Archie now.” The mission of Saint Francis resonated with Ian and his family, even before he was expertly matched with Archie.

Ian’s brother, Jordi, paved the way for his little brother by constructing a fence by our training house to earn his Eagle Scout rank in 2017. When Ian reached the point in his scouting career to focus on his Eagle Project, he chose to install solar bubblers in our pond to keep project he took on with confidence, determination, and resilience. Along the way, Archie was there, providing constant support. “Archie was always at the site with me during the project. He would grab tools if they fell down the hill and help carry the hammer. He was a true helper,” says Ian. Ian officially earned the coveted rank of Eagle Scout just a few months ago. We could not be more proud of all he has accomplished and his commitment to making a positive impact on the world around him. When we drive by the pond, we are also grateful for the daily reminder of the deep bonds shared by our Saint Francis family. Silvia says, “Being a part of Saint Francis means closeness, appreciation, and a sense of belonging to a bigger cause. Going for visits to Saint Francis now is extra special to me.” the water moving, improving overall water quality. It was a

“Archie has helped me become more confident. We are a team.”


Donor Spotlight Krista and Mike Sinnott

When Krista Sinnott first learned of Saint Francis, she knew very little about service dogs. But after signing up as a volunteer more than 15 years ago, she quickly found it to be a place and mission that she wanted to be a part of. “I felt like I was volunteering for something that really mattered and doing something that really mattered, and I wanted to contribute in all the ways that I could,” says Krista. Now, for both Krista and her husband, Mike, supporting Saint Francis is something that is woven into so many parts of their lives - even at home, where Saint Francis ”career change” dogs, Allie and Doc, are treasured members of their little pack of 4 dogs! “The mission, the people, and the dogs: we love it all. We see how the right person partnered with the right dog is transformative to that one person, and that person’s family and network.” Their steadfast commitment is felt across our organization. As valued donors, their generosity helps us to fulfill our mission. But their passion for Saint Francis goes well beyond their philanthropy. Krista serves on our Board of Directors

and supports Barks ‘n Rec as both a participant and a sponsor through Waldvogel Commercial Properties, where she is Vice President. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Mike and Krista became even further involved, volunteering to take a puppy into their home as Puppy Raisers. “That experience made us appreciate how dedicated all of the Saint Francis volunteers are. It’s so much more than people realize,” says Mike. And it is their dedication to making a difference in the lives of the people we serve that has made Krista and Mike such important members of our Saint Francis family.

“Saint Francis is a big part of our lives, and we are so fortunate for that. We’ve seen firsthand how much the staff – and dedicated volunteers – care about the human and dog partnerships, supporting all of their teams for the entirety of their partnership. It’s not subjective: the impact a service dog can have on its partner’s life is so direct. Being even a little part of that is so rewarding.“ Thank you, Mike and Krista, for your friendship, support, and commitment to helping us change lives.

For more information on all types of giving, please visit our website at


Staff Spotlight Kris Sorensen Services Coordinator

It is often just one small connection that can make a major shift in the direction of life. In this case, we are so glad it did. Kris Sorensen first happened upon Saint Francis after her friend, Deb Duerk, now Saint Francis Director of Operations, urged her to get involved nearly 20 years ago. “I remember thinking, on that very first day I started volunteering, that this was a place where everyone was so invested in the mission and doing things well,” says Kris. For more than six years, Kris was a dedicated volunteer, doing everything from puppy sitting to extra filing and paperwork. She quickly grew to love the mission and soul of what we do at Saint Francis, and jumped at the chance to apply for the role of Administrative Assistant in 2013. “Having started as a volunteer and donor, I can’t think of a better organization to be involved with. The

work we do is so important to so many people, and being involved in even a small part of the process is so incredibly rewarding,” Kris says. Kris has an innate ability to connect with the people around her. Whether she is interacting with her co-workers, donors, volunteers, candidates or partners, she has the rare gift of making everyone feel seen, heard, and valued. During her time at Saint Francis, she has worn a lot of hats, from Administrative Assistant to Volunteer Coordinator to the newly created role of Services Coordinator. With her extensive prior career experience working with children and adults with disabilities in a camp setting, group homes, and as a case manager - it is a position that she is perfectly suited for. Kris says, “I work closely with the people we serve, following them through the process from application all the way to matching and beyond. I spend a lot of my time


“The Mayor of Saint Francis” Leo Sorensen

just talking with people and helping to answer any questions they may have. And I listen. “

It is impossible to talk about Kris without mentioning the apple of her eye and stealer of all our hearts...LEO! If you have visited Saint Francis in the last decade, odds are you have had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. Even better odds that he has (not so subtly) asked you for a treat. When he was just a puppy, he was dubbed “The Mayor” for the way he enthusiastically greeted every single person who walked through our front door. His effortless charm and unmistakable howl have made him a fixture here, and the cornerstone of the quirky crew of our staff’s personal dogs who accompany us to work every day. When Kris decided to puppy raise Beatrice, Leo was...well, not thrilled. But, now he relishes his role as big brother and after the birth of Beatrice’s litter, funny “Uncle Leo” to the next class of Saint Francis Service Dogs.

Kris’s commitment to our mission goes beyond the hours she puts in at the office. When a new litter of service dogs to-be arrived in the summer of 2021, she stepped up to be a Volunteer Puppy Raiser, taking home sweet Beatrice, who graduated into our Breeding Program last year. Now, as Beatrice’s new litter of puppies gets ready to start their own journeys to be service dogs, it seems fitting that Kris will help find the partners whose lives they will change. While she is pouring her heart into supporting our mission, Kris is often entertaining us with her musical talent at the same time - always humming or singing an obscure song that tends to stay in your head for the rest of the day. She is quick to make us laugh, or quick to make us cry as she relays the poignant moments she witnesses while she guides our candidates and partners through their Saint Francis journeys. “I’m touched every single day by the stories and experiences of our applicants, candidates, and partners. It’s an honor to be a part of the process in getting them matched with a service dog.”

“These dogs provide opportunities – opportunities for independence and

dignity and friendship and confidence and community. These opportunities are priceless, and that’s why we are so invested in what we do and in the people we serve,” says Kris.


Thank you, Kris! You are such an important part of our Saint Francis Family.


Volunteer Spotlight Pat Lambui

At the heart of Saint Francis Service Dogs, there is an unwavering group of people who generously dedicate their time, energy, and love to support us in our mission – our volunteers. People like Pat Lambui. Pat has been part of the Saint Francis family for such a long time that she has seen us grow and evolve in ways big and small as we continually strive to better serve the people who need us. She has opened her home to countless dogs and has become known as a go-to puppy sitter that we can always count on. “She just goes above and beyond. We know Pat will go the extra mile to make sure our dogs get the very best care,” says Kennel Manager Andrew Via. Pat started volunteering as a Puppy Sitter more than 10 years ago after hearing about Saint Francis from a friend. She quickly fell in love with not only the role, but the idea that she could impact someone’s life. “It is the best volunteer job ever! I get my puppy fix every weekend,” says Pat . “And I love telling people about the incredible work done by Saint Francis. Knowing these dogs will help people gain independence and confidence – it’s really rewarding.”

Recently retired after 30 years as a Probation Officer, Pat has a special interest in our Prison Pup Program. She says, “Learning how the program at Bland helps the inmates, the dogs, and the partners really warms my heart. It is a win, win, win.” It is often the puppies and dogs who are in training in Bland Correctional Center that Pat takes into her home for the weekend. The time she spends with each and every one of those dogs helps expose them to new sights, sounds, and places. Her willingness to always step in to help means Pat is often the first person we think of when a unique need arises. “It is very rewarding to just play a small part in the big picture.”

Even with all she does for Saint Francis, Pat says she is the one who is grateful for the chance to support a mission she believes in. “I am just thankful to everyone at Saint Francis for the work that they do. It makes helping out a little feel rewarding in such a huge way.” Thank you, Pat, for all that you have done and continue to do to help us change lives.

Recently, when an 8-week-old puppy came in to the kennel and needed a place to stay for a little bit of time before going to her Puppy Raiser, Pat was there – giving her a gentle, loving place to adjust before starting her important journey.

For volunteer opportunities, visit 10

Do You Want to Help Give the Gift of Independence?

We need YOUR help! Join our Saint Francis Family as a Puppy Volunteer!

As a PUPPY RAISER, you help Saint Francis by taking a puppy into your home. You introduce the puppy to the big world and teach basic manners and commands.

As a PUPPY SITTER, you offer your home to puppies for shorter periods of time, like a weekend or a week or two. This helps expose our puppies to new environments.

For both types of Puppy Volunteering, all food, supplies, and equipment are provided. For more information, visit

Join Us April 15-21 Do you run? Bike? Kayak? Can you juggle? Cartwheel? Are you great at hacky sack? Whatever you like to do for fun, we want you to do it for Saint Francis Service Dogs during our annual spring fundraiser week! Registration for Barks ‘n Rec 2024 opens March 1st! Stay tuned for all the details!

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Annette Kirby

Sam and Sally Craver

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Visit to learn more!

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Pat and Jerry Inge Ms. Patricia Davidson

Allen and Jean Ingram Mr. and Mrs Charles Jordan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William King


From our dog walkers to our volunteer puppy raisers and sitters, to the members of our Board, we would not be able to continue our mission without the tireless efforts of our volunteers.

The journey from puppy to partner would not be possible without the invaluable support of our family of donors, grantors, and corporate partners.

157 volunteers

1318 donors

Whether a part of our Program Staff, who work directly with our dogs, or our Philanthropy or Administrative staff, who ensure the efficiency, functionality, and feasibility of our programs, our mission would not be possible without our dedicated team.

The men in our vital Prison Pup Program at Bland Correctional provide round-the-clock care, training, and love for our puppies in their first year.

17 inmate puppy raisers

25 staff members

We’re Impacting Lives


2023 Highlights

5 Class of 2023 graduates

7 matched teams working toward Graduation 2024

38 puppies and dogs in training


8 puppies whelped in breeding program

11 volunteer puppy raisers

mama dogs in breeding program

active facility dog teams active service dog teams 7 36

Thank you!



June 1, 2022 - May 31, 2023

Operating Revenue Contributions Program Income Grants and Foundations Investment Income Gains on Investments Gains on Extinguishment/Forgiveness Subtotal Income Funding Restricted to FY23 from Prior Year s

850,530 11,204 141,670 64,676 (141,149) 650

927,581 305,060


Total Support and Revenue

Operating Expenses Program Costs General and Administrative Fundraising

913,039 263,314 101,614


Total Expenses

(45,326) (305,060) 5,695,747 5,345,361

Change in net assets Less Funding Restricted to FY23 from Prior Years Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year

Support and Revenue by Category

Expenses by Category

Investment Income: 6%

General and Administrative: 21%

Fundraising: 8%

Program income: 1%

Grants and Foundations: 13%

Program Expenses: 71%

Contributed Income (including in-kind, restricted, and bequests): 80%


ANNUAL DONORS This Annual List includes generous contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations during the 2023 calendar year. We could not fulfill our mission without you! Thank you!

$1,000+ (cont.) Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Kari Grim  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack  Happy Endings Bar and Grill  Heartland Midwest Foundation Ms. Sandra Henson Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham Kroger Community Rewards Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaPrade Mr. John Lawrence and Ms. Elizabeth Adams  Lawrence Transportation Systems LEEPS Foundation Member One Federal Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr Ms. Christina Morgan Terri Moss Mr. and Mrs. David Nash NVA National Veterinary Associates New River Electrical Corp. Mr. Douglas and Dr. Kris Oursler* Partners in Financial Planning Mr. and Mrs. Mike Poff Angela Polizzi Professional Rehabilitative Options, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rayfield Mr. and Mrs. Katie and Ryan Read   Big Dogs ⟡ Legacy Society Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hodge Hokie Lane Incorporated Krevere Foundation

* Volunteer

 Friends Club

$100,000+ The Dorrene A. Whorton Revocable Trust ⟡ $50,000+ Ms. Caroline Haddock Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine*  Sharron G. Doss Trust ⟡ $25,000+ Ms. Jo Lynn Draper*  Hittman Family Foundation Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation Kroger Roanoke Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith  ⟡ $10,000+ Amy Elizabeth Lauth Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brunette  Ceres Foundation Inc. The Louise R. Lester Foundation Mrs. Patricia McMahon Ms. Donna Musgrave Nestle Purina Petcare Co. The Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven Strauss*  Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. Ms. Linda Webb $5,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison  AnR Career Solutions Ms. Peggy Bizjak  Mr. and Mrs. John Burress III Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia Duffy Family Foundation  Mr. Peter Emch  Mr. and Mrs. Humes Franklin Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz  Mr. Stanley Golder Howard and Lena Meador Trust

$5,000+ (cont.) Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wakeford  Mr. and Mrs. Ann Marie and Reggie Wood  ⟡ Ms. Dianne Woody*  $2,500+ The Artisan Leader Mark and Kathy Baske Young* Church of the Good Shepherd County of Roanoke - Office of Management and Budget Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver III*  ⟡ Ms. Carole Denney Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Farrell The Farrell Foundation Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC

$1,000+ (cont.) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zinn

$500+ Mr. and Mrs. G. Steven Agee Leslie Albrecht Mr. Donald Allen AmazonSmile Foundation Mr. and Mrs. S. Rawson Andrews Anonymous Mr. Ralph Baker Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Duke Baldridge III Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board Branch Management Corporation Jill Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Burr Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin*  Benjamin Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Russ Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. Matt Cheek Dr. Jeff and Dr. Lynn Clark* Companion Animal Clinic The Rev. Dr. Robert Copenhaver Mr. William Corey and Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock  Country Corner Farms Inc. Ms. Lee Cox  Ms. Ashley Craver and Mr. Howard Rice Ms. Karin Crockett Mr. and Mrs. Warner Dalhouse Ms. Michelle Derrico* Brook Dickson and Kurt Navratil Dr. Charlotte and Mr. Richard Dietz Mrs. Brandy Disbennett-Albrecht*  Ms. Anne-Paige Duncan Ms. Carole Edwards  Mr. and Mrs. William Elliot Mrs. Boo Evans Mr. David Farnum Mrs. Kathleen Fitzpatrick Mr. G. Franklin Flippin Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Garrett Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gatewood III Grand Charitable Foundation Inc Hanging Rock Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. David Harrington Ms. Cathie Havrilesky  David and Meagan Henry* Mr Terry Hutchinson Ms. Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado* Ms. Christy Izard  Ms. Nancy Jacobs* Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jones Mr. and Mrs. T. Farrell Jones Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kessinger Ms. Heidi Krisch Mrs. Jackie Lantz* 

Mrs. Melodee Franck Guilford Foundation Mrs. Betsy Hatfield Ms. Annette Kirby* Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kirk III The NM Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Martin O’Brien Jr. River Birch Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Krista Sinnott*  Smith Mountain Lake Rotary Foundation Whitlow and Youell, PLC Wordsprint

$1,000+ Dr. Timothy Andriano  Mr. and Mrs. Craig Balzer* Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barbour* Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barnes* Mrs. Jan Barnett

Reid’s Fine Furnishing Mrs. Emily Reynolds  Mr. Ben Rottenborn Mr. and Mrs. David Rowan Ms. Sarah Rubush Mr. Lloyd Ruona Ms. Mary Ryan Mrs. Ann Saacke Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Savage III

Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley III*  Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw Jr. Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP C.A. Barrs Contractor, Inc.

Mr. Alan Schneeberg Mr. and Mrs. Gary Seek Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shearer* Mr. and Mrs. Barry Shelor Ms. Nancy Smith  David Wm and Linda Smith Mr. Bodo Stock  ⟡ Mr. William Stone Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trible Jr. Varsity Landscaping and Grounds  Ms. Christine Verdelotti* VFW Auxiliary Post 1264 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wade Waldvogel Commercial Properties

Carilion Clinic Ms. Lucy Davis

Dodson Pest Control Mr. Harold Donathan Ms. Alice Dugger Wallace Easter Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke, Inc. Ms. Lynne Falkinburg Ms. Charlene Fay  FGP Foundation Ms. Barbara Finch First Four Petroleum LLC  Ms. Carole Ford Frank and Linda Foti  Gary and Sandra Bradford Charitable Fund

Ms. Nicole Laroche M.W. Armistead III

Family Foundation

Ms. Mary Mullins

and Mr. Christopher Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. John Olver  Ms. Elizabeth Parsons  The Phalia M. and Guy M. Kinder Fund Mrs. Sarah Plymale Ms. Nancy Thompson United Way - Combined Federal Campaign

Ms. Melissa White Dr. Courtney and

Mr. Spencer Wiegard*  Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black


Thank you to our cherished group of monthly donors.

$500+ (cont.) Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lash  Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Love  David Lyerly Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mabry

$250+(cont.) Ms. Patricia Davidson Ms. Marian Dawson Jessica DeCesare Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Kay DeGiorgi Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Deinlein Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dick Mrs. Barbara Dickerson Wanda Disbennett Mr. John and Dr. Elizabeth Duckworth Ms. Deborah Duerk  Ms. Linda Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas England Ms. Doris Evans* Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler*  Ms. Margaret Finn  Mr. and Mrs. W. Heywood Fralin Mr. and Mrs. David Fretwell  Mrs. Leslie Frusco Mr. Brian Desloge Caroline DeWyer Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fuzi Fuzi Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett GE Foundation Ms. Nancy Griggs Mr. and Mrs. Dale Guidry Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Hagadorn Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hall Hammer Family Charitable Fund Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Harrington Ms. Jeanette Hatcher Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Hauser Ms. Celeste Hicks Mr. Dave Higginbotham Mr. Egon Hofmann Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoggan III James and Deborah Hooper Ms. Mary Garrett Itin Stuart Jones

Ms. Sandi Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen Jourdan Alvarado Cat Ayers Mr. Ralph Baker Mr. and Mrs. Abney Boxley Mrs. Mary Branch Chris Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Machado Mr. and Mrs. David Macpherson Milan Tobacconists Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger  Mr. and Mrs. D. Marc Montville Jr. Mr. James North Mr. and Mrs. Matt Obryan Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Oehlschlaeger Ms. Yvonne Olson  Robert Patton Mr. and Mrs. John Pecaric Ms. Deborah Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rearick Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rout Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shelton Alecia Sizemore Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith  Margaret Stanley Sandy Starnes Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Stavola Ms. Leslie Strauss Mr. Allan Toth Mr. David Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Sue Villamil* ⟡ Mr. Edward Walker Dr. and Mrs. William Wellborn PhD. Ms. Jackie Werb  Dr. and Mrs. Edward White  Ms. Marie Wimmer Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winter* WSLS TV Mrs. Cabell Youell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youell III Ms. Fran Young Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zeller

Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody Mr. William Corey and Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock Ms. Lee Cox Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist

Ms. Kathy Cvizic Calista Darragh Mrs. Brandy Disbennett-Albrecht Ms. Deborah Duerk Mrs. Kay Early Ms. Carole Edwards

Ms. Charlene Fay Ms. Margaret Finn Mark Fisher Mr. and Mrs. David Fretwell Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Kari Grim Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack Ms. Cathie Havrilesky Ms. Christy Izard Ms. Patty Johnson Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp Mrs. Jackie Lantz Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lash Mr. John Lawrence and Ms. Elizabeth Adams Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Love Ms. Cynthia Martin Mr. Tim Masick Mrs. Lynda McGarry Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger Ms. Erin Morris Mr. and Mrs. David Nickell Mrs. Susan Paganelli Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez Asad I Quasem Mr. and Mrs. Katie and Ryan Read Ms. Elizabeth Sensabaugh Mrs. Drusilla Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Krista Sinnott Ms. Nancy Smith Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith Ms. Kris Sorensen Mr. Bodo Stock Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka Mr. and Mrs. Brian & Nadia Summo Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann Ms. Jackie Werb Dr. and Mrs. Edward White Dr. Courtney and Mr. Spencer Wiegard Mr. Ronald Winter Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisser Matthew Witting Mr. and Mrs. Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Mr. Draper Woody

$250+ Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen  Daniel Ballin Mrs. Mary Ellen Barb Mr. John Barnes III Ms. Cynthia Barnhart Ms. Judy Bates

Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey Mr. and Mrs. David Kapp  Mrs. Carol King Mary Beth Kors Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kriz

Mr. and Mrs. Powell Leitch III Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lemon Mr. Richard Lewis Jr. Stephen Lucas and Laurie A. S. King Lori Lucion Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Ludwig Mr. Daniel Lynn and Ms. Rosemary Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mabe Tara Marciniak

Botetourt Veterinary Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bowman Chris Brown  Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Brown Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buchanan Mr. Eugene Callaway Karen Carl

Ken Carlucci Diane Casey Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody  Mr. Richard Cohen Ms. Margaret Cohen Mr. Ben Cooper and Ms. Polly Gault

Ms. Cynthia Martin  Kent and Ann Massie Andrew McClintock

Mr. and Mrs. John McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell* Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Moore Jr. Ms. Erin Morris*  Musgrave Family Foundation Michael Niccolini

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Craighead Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist  Ms. Linda Cyr

To join the Saint Francis Friends Club as a faithful monthly donor, visit:


(continued on next page)


$250+ (cont.) Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parker Mr. Kevin Parker and Mrs. Tina Rhea Parkway Brewing Company Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez  Pet Vet Roanoke, LLC Ms. Jill Petro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polinski Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pope Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ptaschek Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reed Mr. and Mrs. W. Churchill Robison Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roettger Mr. and Mrs. Mike Russin Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scriven Mrs. Drusilla Sexton  Mr. and Mrs. F. Wyatt Shields

$250+ (cont.) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tainer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin-Brenner

Membership in this leadership group is reserved for those who give generously to support Saint Francis Service Dogs and our vital Prison Pup Program. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Allison Kenneth “Andy” Anderson and Dr. Marti Anderson Mike and Carol Anderson Dr. Timothy Andriano Peggy Bizjak Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brunette Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Sally Craver Jo Lynn Draper Duffy Family Foundation Mr. Peter Emch Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler First Four Petroleum LLC Linda and Frank Foti Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foti Dr. and Mrs. Paul Frantz Mr. Ed Hall Happy Endings Bar and Grill Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward Ms. Mary Anne Mullins Ms. Yvonne Olson Mr. and Mrs. John Olver Ms. Elizabeth Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine Mrs. Emily Reynolds Mike and Krista Sinnott Mrs. Joy Davis Smith Mr. Marvin Smith Mr. Maury Strauss Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss Suzanne Thorniley Varsity Landscaping and Grounds Karen and Chuck Wakeford Mr. and Mrs. Barton Wilner Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Ms. Dianne Woody and Mr. Christopher Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Trexel Ms. N. Elisabeth Turner Mr. and Mrs. Tim Vail Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann  Julie Varghese Vinton Veterinary Hospital Mr. William Webb The Wednesday Club Ms. Ellen Weil

Ms. Lavonia Welfare Mr. Brian Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Whitley Mr. Gary Wilburn Mr. Charles Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Mr. Ronald Winter  Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wirt Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisser*  Matthew Witting  Mary Rose and Paul Woo Mr. and Mrs. M. Lanier Woodrum Mr. Draper Woody 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Shuler Mr. and Mrs. Steven Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith Cheryl Smith David Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Ms. Cheryl Snead

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Starr Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka*  Mr. and Mrs. Brian & Nadia Summo* 

Thank you! We could not fulfill our mission without you! Do to space constraints, we regret that we were unable to include all of our valuable supporters in this annual report. For a full listing of all 2023 donors and volunteers, visit We have taken great care to present an accurate and complete listing of our supporters. If an omission occurred, we express our sincere regret and ask that it be brought to our attention by contacting: Kari Grim, Philanthropy Coordinator, at or 540-342-3647x405.

For more information about Big Dogs or how to become a Big Dog, contact Cabell Youell at or 540-342-3647x402


Corporate & Foundation GIFTS

Professional Rehabilitative Options, Inc. Reid’s Fine Furnishing

Grand Home Furnishings Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Guilford Foundation Hammer Family Charitable Fund Hanging Rock Animal Hospital Heartland Midwest Foundation Hittman Family Foundation Howard and Lena Meador Trust Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation Joe Bandy & Son, Inc. Krevere Foundation Kroger Lawrence Transportation Systems LEEPS Foundation Lewis Gale Regional Health System Lucinda Robb Giving Fund M.W. Armistead III Family Foundation Member One Federal Credit Union

ADR Urgent Veterinary Care AmazonSmile Foundation Amy Elizabeth Lauth AnR Career Solutions The Artisan Leader Botetourt Veterinary Hospital Branch Management Corporation Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP C.A. Barrs Contractor, Inc. Carilion Clinic Ceres Foundation Inc. Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Religious Society of Friends, Inc. River Birch Wealth Management Riverside Rehabilitation Institute Roanoke Animal Hospital Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. The Sam and Marion Golden

Helping Hand Foundation Smith Mountain Lake Rotary Foundation Southern Team Auto Mall TheraPets of the Roanoke Valley United Way - Combined Federal Campaign Upchurch Family Trust Varsity Landscaping and Grounds Vinton Veterinary Hospital Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. Waldvogel Commercial Properties The Wednesday Club

Companion Animal Clinic Country Corner Farms Inc.

County of Roanoke Dodson Pest Control Duffy Family Foundation Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke, Inc. The Farrell Foundation FGP Foundation First Four Petroleum LLC Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #795 Fuzi Charitable Fund Gary and Sandra Bradford Charitable Fund GE Foundation

Mercer-Tazewell Co. Milan Tobacconists Musgrave Family Foundation Nestle Purina Petcare Co. New River Electrical Corp. The NM Foundation Parkway Brewing Company Partners in Financial Planning Pet Vet Roanoke, LLC

Westlake Veterinary Clinic Whitlow and Youell, PLC Willard Insurance Agency, Inc. Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black Wordsprint WSLS TV

Your Legacy. Their Future.

Thank you to our Legacy Society Members

Walter Francis Smith* Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Joy Smith

Anonymous(5)* Jesse T. Arrington* Karen Beldegreen* Beth A. Collins, MD* Jeffrey Connor* Mr. and Mrs. Sam

Make your giving go further by joining our Legacy Society and including

Mr. Bodo Stock Lillie B. Vaughn* Robert Villamil

and Susan S. Villamil Rosemary Coon Watkins* Dorrene A. Whorton* Irene I. Wilhelm* Ann Marie and Reggie Wood Dorothy W. Wright*

and Sally Craver III

Ms. Barbara Daub Sharron G. Doss* Virginia Ann Fitch* Grady B. Guilliams* Mr. Edwin Hall Robert Allen Hall, Jr.* Dorothy M. Hannaford* Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houska James P. Laurie, Sr.* James R. Loux* Josephine B. Minnix* Lois Morris* Larry Morris* Edwin A. and Lelia W. Myrick* Michaela A. Pate* Luther Quick* Trina Ramzinsky* Elfleda A. Ring* Susan Rivers* Joan Showalter*

Saint Francis Service Dogs in your estate plans.


For more information, contact: Cabell Youell Executive Director (540) 342-3647 ext. 402

Lean more at:


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