Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

Resident Life Honor Code Section I. Respect of Personal Property and Space

All unauthorized use of fellow students’ property will be subject to Honor Code violation procedures. This includes, but is not limited to: vandalism of any nature, unauthorized entry of dorm rooms, theft of personal property or unauthorized borrowing of student property. It is

essential that we maintain a community of trust and security. Section II. Respect of all School Property and Space

Similarly, all school property and faculty material must be kept secure. Any unauthorized use or theft of school property including, but not limited to, books, uniforms, furniture, computers or other devices will be subject to Honor Code violation procedures. All classrooms and their contents are the property of the assigned faculty member. Section III. Harassment of other students and Respect of each student’s dignity All interactions between students of Oak Hill should reflect a sense of mutual respect. In such a diverse community, care should be exercised to value the dignity and worth of each individual. Hazing, ridicule, or any other form of harassment will not be tolerated. Sexual comments or advancements of any nature will be subject to Honor Code violation procedures. Great care should be given with regards to personal space and physical contact. Any comments or gestures that reflect insensitivity about gender, racial, ethnic or religious differences will be unacceptable, and will be subject to Honor Code violation procedures. Student Agreement After reading the Honor Code and understanding its principles and procedures, the student should commit to adhering to the Code. It is through this commitment that the Oak Hill Community will be of a like mind where ethical standards are consistently followed and expected. I have read the Oak Hill Student Honor Code and agree to abide by its standards and procedures. I pledge to practice honesty, academic integrity, respectfulness to my community, and to accept responsibility for my actions.



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