Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

DISCIPLINARY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES The Administration reserves the right to determine appropriate discipline (including expulsion) for any misbehavior or misconduct not specifically referred to in this handbook. Additionally, the Administration will evaluate each disciplinary matter according to the nature of the transgression, circumstances surrounding the incident, needs of the student and goals of our institution. • Students who receive three (3) in-school suspensions in the Academic building will be referred to the President for possible expulsion. • Students serving work detail 25% of the school year will be referred to the President for possible expulsion. Parents will be notified by letter prior to reaching this disciplinary point. • OFFENSES REQUIRING CAMPUSING, WORK DETAIL OR OTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION o Disrespect to faculty, resident managers, staff members, administrators, students, or any other adult in the school community o Profanity o Physical attack on others, harassment of others, or attempts to do serious harm to self o Willful or deliberate damage to property or vandalism o Visiting between boys and girls at inappropriate hours or in inappropriate places (Subject to expulsion) o Tampering with fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire alarms, or other fire prevention equipment

o Incident of stealing (subject to Honor Code violation procedures) o Incident of lying (subject to Honor Code violation procedures)

o Unauthorized absence from church o Out of room during Quiet Time o Out of dorm after Quiet Time begins o More than 4 people in a dorm room o Being up past curfew/Lights Out o Lights on after “Lights Out” o Gambling

o Inappropriate public display of affection o Inappropriate dress or dress code violation o Music too loud o Unexcused early departures from campus or late return to campus after an off campus visit


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