Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

• Since a positive drug test indicates use of an illegal substance, and since use alters behavior, NO DISTINCTION IS MADE AS TO WHETHER THE SUBSTANCE IS USED ON OR OFF CAMPUS. For disciplinary action, please see page 34. Theft and Items of Value • A student caught stealing will be subject to the standards of the Honor Code and subsequently will be severely disciplined. • A student is not to enter or remain in another student’s room when that student is not present. • Doors are to be locked at all times when the student leaves the room. Each student is provided a key to the door of their room. It is the responsibility of the student to lock the door upon exiting the room. • Students are not to leave money in their rooms. Money or valuables should be deposited in the school Business Office. Students should not ask staff members to hold money or valuables. • Students receive $25.00 per week allowance and must deposit any other monies in the Business Office in a Personal Account. Any other monies provided to the student by parents or other relatives must be deposited in the Business Office. At no time should students have more than the $50.00 in their possession. • Articles of considerable value including jewelry (especially family heirlooms) should not be brought to the campus. Oak Hill Academy cannot assume responsibility for valuables that may be lost, damaged, loaned or stolen. • Students may obtain locks from the Business Office. Only school-issued locks may be used in the dorm. All other locks will be removed by the respective Dean. Noonkester Park Guidelines • Noonkester Park is designated as the Girls’ side of the campus. • Girls must sign out (and back in) with the respective Resident Manager before going to Noonkester Park and cannot swim without adult supervision. • Girls are required to wear one-piece bathing suits that are modest in style. Boys are required to wear modest boxer style swim trunks or board shorts. • Boys are to be escorted across campus. Boys will meet at a designated time in front of the Vaughan Administration Building and be escorted to the park. Shirts must be worn to and from the park. • Students are not permitted to be in the park after dark. During the spring semester students should not be in the park area after 7:30 p.m. or time designated by the Resident Manager. • Roughhousing, pushing and shoving others in the lake are forbidden. • All rules and policies in the manual apply to Noonkester Park. Equestrian Center Guidelines • Parental permission is required for participation in the Equestrian Program.


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