Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

AFTER SCHOOL The school day is over at 3:23 p.m. Teachers remain in their classrooms until 4:00 p.m. each teaching day for extra help, academic assistance, or to hold students accountable for work. Activities, clubs and sports practice all begin at 4:15 p.m., allowing students an opportunity to meet all academic obligations. Students who need a more structured afternoon in order to meet classroom expectations are managed on an individualized basis. The faculty and administration strive to give each student the set of support modalities that promote success. We expect students to comply with the suggestions and recommendations of the faculty and abide by the requirements placed upon them should schoolwork be unsatisfactory. A student can become ineligible for interscholastic sports competition with unsatisfactory classroom performance. The Campus Store is open every weekday to purchase food and supplies, and to socialize. Students are welcome to return to their dorm room when school obligations are satisfied. There are many unscheduled, non-structured, activities that take place each day initiated by both students and faculty. Sports, Clubs, and Activities We believe in the importance of student engagement in campus life at Oak Hill, and place a high value on student participation in athletics, clubs, and other activities. As such, we require that all students join and participate in a school-sponsored club or activity, which meets at least once per week. Students will have the opportunity to change clubs periodically, but must participate throughout the school year. Below is a non-exhaustive list of sports, clubs, and activities offered to students. Many of our non-traditional offerings are the result of student and faculty interest, and change year to year. Interscholastic Athletics: Fall: Girls’ Volleyball, Cross Country (Co-Ed) Winter: Boys’ Basketball, Wrestling (Co-Ed) Spring: Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ Tennis, Soccer (Co-Ed) Intramural Sports/Weekend Activities: Flag Football, Paintball, Ultimate Frisbee, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Trail Rides, Equestrian Team, Trail Running Clubs, Social Groups, Activities: Praise Band, Youth Group, Drama, Hiking, Music Jam Sessions, Leadership Training, Community Service Opportunities, Advisee Trips, Boy Scouts, Dance Team, Cheerleading, Debate Club, Skiing and Snowboarding, Astronomy Club, Mountain Bike Club, Fishing Club, Chess Club, Baking Club, Board Games, E-Games, Spanish Club, French Club, Broadcasting Club Campus-Wide Events: Harvest Festival, Homecoming, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner/Winter Dance, Spring Formal, Spirit Days, Warrior Wednesdays, Warrior Nights


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