Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

• Quarter grades are determined by class participation, student assessment and mastery of the material presented. • Semester grades are determined by an average of quarter grades and performance on the semester exam. • Semester exams are to count as 15% of the semester grade. Final exams in a class are to be based on the semester material rather than the whole year. Honor Roll Requirements • The student must be enrolled in at least five academic classes. • “A” Honor Roll is a 90-100 average with no grade below a 90. • “B” Honor Roll is an 80-89 average with no grade below an 80. Registration • Transcripts from previous school institutions will be required in advance for placement. Absences and Make-up Work • Teachers will record attendance data at the beginning of each period and give the names of students absent or tardy to the Principal. • Students are expected to be on time to all classes of every school day. Absences from school may be authorized only by the Principal. If a student must miss class due to an excused absence, all schoolwork missed due to the absence must be made up in a timely fashion in order to avoid penalty. • All exams are to be taken as scheduled. Failure to take an exam may cause a failing grade to be given for the course. • Excessive absences during a semester will jeopardize the ability of a student to successfully complete the required work. When ten (10) school days are lost due to absences in a semester, the student cannot receive credit for any classes. This applies to ALL absences unless the student is representing the school in an official capacity. • A student must participate in class during the academic day in order to be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities (sporting events, trips off campus, etc.). The Principal and coaches/sponsors will determine any exception to this rule. Academic Standards for Extra-Curricular Activities Clubs and organizations are an important part of the life of a school. These organizations provide an opportunity to interact socially to form other friendships, to develop leadership, and to learn the value of assuming responsibility and following tasks through to completion. At no time, however, should participation be at the expense of academic work. Students who participate in school-sponsored activities should meet the following academic standards in order to be eligible for participation: • Interim grades will be used to determine initial eligibility. • A participant earning two “Ds” or one “F” at the interim will be deemed ineligible to participate in activities.


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