Oak Hill Academy Policy Manual

GENERAL POLICIES We expect students to abide by our established rules and regulations. Community requires a level of cooperation that includes each student working within the spirit of our handbook requirements. The following policies are not exclusive and therefore we reserve the right to add or amend regulations to best serve the entire community. • Students are not to have access on campus or nearby campus to a car, truck, four-wheeler, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, or hover board. • Secret organizations such as fraternities or sororities are not permitted. • Obscene language and profanity will not be tolerated. • Gambling in any form is prohibited. Gambling monies will be confiscated and become the property of the school. • No inappropriate form of public displays of affection is permitted. • No student may touch any other student in a way that could be interpreted as initiating or inviting sexual interaction. • No sexual interaction among students is permitted. Offenders are subject to expulsion. • The administration reserves the right to search the individual student, their room, or their possessions at any time. • To conform to the State of Virginia Code, any student possessing a firearm or explosives of any kind on school property may be charged, arrested, and expelled from the school. • Knives, bows and arrows, mace, BB guns, pellet guns, water guns, and slingshots are prohibited. • The use or possession of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited. • The possession or use of matches, lighters, incense, candles, and fireworks of any kind is prohibited. • Students are not permitted to display or possess objectionable pictures or those depicting drugs, alcohol, alcohol containers, tobacco, or advertisements of a questionable nature. • Students are not to have “R” or “X”- rated movies, mature video games or music containing profane, racial or gender-demeaning language. • Supernatural or occult items such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, magazines or spell books will be confiscated. • Students are not to possess extension cords, hot plates, electric skillets, immersion coils, halogen lights, neon signs, coffee makers, heaters, plug extenders, or microwave ovens, or similar devices in their dormitory rooms. • The Administration reserves the right to confiscate any prohibited or questionable items, any items considered to be unsafe, or any items considered to be contrary to the mission of OHA. • Students are not permitted to have laser pointers. • Students are not permitted to have pets on campus.


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