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There are No Chance Meetings

T he first words I heard from my colleague were “There are no chance meetings. I was supposed to come to see you.” Whether guided by divine appointment or the intent of purposeful relationship, there are no chance meetings for those who are champions for a cause. Every interaction is an opportunity to spread an idea, stand up for what you believe is right, or invite another into your story. The Mark of a Champion My colleague showed me a blue wristband with these words: No One Fights Alone, and explained its meaning. He shared his personal experience with prostate cancer, and how he wanted to learn to raise greater awareness of the issue and motivate others to action. What moved him? The threat of a disease that claims thousands every year? A desire to raise awareness? What moves him is that he (and many mutual acquaintances) is a survivor, a man given a second chance.His wristband opened the door to his story of why he believes so strongly in his cause, why he is a brother to those who have overcome cancer and a champion for those who are at risk. Symbols are Conversation Starters It’s apparent that someone wearing a colored wristband has identified with a cause and wears the wristband as a symbol of their devotion to that cause. No further proof is needed beyond the ubiquity of bright yellow wristbands that

display one word: Livestrong.Despite the broken reputation of the founder, the purpose and values of the organization have endured because of those whose lives are positively impacted by the organization. The symbol and color signify strength, determination, perseverance, and a desire to overcome, the qualities of a champion. Is it the symbol that moves us, the individual who is a champion, or the idea that compels us to believe? When Paris suffered the horror of a terrorist bombing in late 2015, the world rallied around a peace symbol with two strokes added to make the symbol recognizable as the Eiffel Tower.

How does your organization empower its supporters to become champions for the cause? What symbol do champions wear as a sign of their commitment and devotion? What symbol is a unique and memorable visual representation of your purpose and mission - your logo, color, mascot, icon, or even a tattoo? While you may be the director of an organization representing a worthy cause, your advocates,

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