INVITE CLIF CHRISTOPHER TO SHARE HIS STEWARDSHIP EXPERTISE WITH YOUR CONGREGATION Dr. Clif Christopher is the CEO of the Horizons Stewardship Company and has led consultations in more than four hundred churches, conferences, synods, and dioceses in all phases of building, nance, and church growth.

Not Your Parents’

Whose Offering Plate Is It? 9781426710131 If you want people to give, offer them a compelling vision of how their giving is going to build God's kingdom.

Offering Plate 9781501804922 A completely revised edition of Christopher’s classic, updated with new material.

The Church Money Manual 9781426796579 A practical guide to a church’s best practices for nances and stewardship.

Rich Church, Poor Church 9781426743368 Christopher contrasts the traits of the most productive congregations with those who perennially fail to secure the funds to perform transformational ministry. | 800.672.1789

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