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Showing charity, in its truest sense, has been part of the history of mankind from its earliest days.The advent of the social internet, technological improvements, grantor requirements, and general giving patterns have necessitated that organizations providing social benefit adapt to new opportunities or risk being left behind. In this issue of the magazine, we explore the concept of giving for impact through a variety of unique perspectives. In our cover feature, Adam Grant shares the framework from his bestselling book Give or Take , on how the archetypes of giver, taker, and matcher can be worked out in your organization. In Nonprofits that Work, we are confronted with the impact of social enterprise in our global nonprofit space, as we learn about The Well Coffeehouse. New technology has also reshaped the way that we give, and articles by Arnon Shafir and Asha Curran spotlight how research and technology have not only taught us new things about giving, but also provide us with unique access to a giving community that wasn’t present previously. Jill O’Donnell-Tormey and DevinThorpe, two seasoned nonprofit executives, present unique insight into the donor-organization relationship and how we can be seeking to bring greater impact in how those dollars work in our organizations. Rob Sheehan, in turn, challenges nonprofits to be more aspirational in building their giving campaigns, as an encouragement to avoid the scarcity thinking that often is present in the nonprofit space. From the front cover to the back cover, we are really excited about the content on the pages of this issue and encourage you to engage it, share it, discuss it with your colleagues in the field, and respond back to us about what else you see for the future of giving in the social benefit world. Be sure to connect with us and your colleagues through our website at Enjoy.

Todd Greer

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