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Design Desk Do-Good Science Meets Do-No-Evil 37 Arnon Shafir

Nonprofiits that Work The Well Coffeehouse Doing Well and Doing Good!

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Jeffrey Magee Co-Publisher Hugh Ballou Co-Publisher Todd Greer Managing Editor Sandy Birkenmaier Acquisitions Editor Kim Cousins Creative Design Editor Brett Archer Director of Business Development

Rob Touchstone

Strategy Creating Vision in an Ever-Changing World Rob Sheehan

Featured Personality Givers, Takers, Matchers and Reciprocity Rings Adam Grant



Contributing Writers Successful Leaders Have a Passion for Giving Back Hugh Ballou

Funds Attraction Overhead Is Not a Dirty Word



Andrew Belton

Executive Office The Future of Organizational 24 Collaboration and Donor Engagement Jill O’Donnell-Tormey

Using Data to Make Your Case for Funding Amanda Babine and Hannah Jacobson


International Day of Giving


Asha Curran

Academic Desk One Degree Trajectory Change

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The Parable of The Star Thrower 16 Giving for Impact Devin Thorpe

for Monumental ROIs Jeffrey Magee

Board Relations Generous Listening



Stay Ahead of the Curve! Wayne Elsey


Creating Great Teams at the Boardroom Table Nancy Falls Point & Counterpoint Hugh Ballou and Jeff Magee

Next-Generation Giving


Millennial Engagement in Charitable Contributions Vicki Brannock

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Giving to Gain Tim McCarthy Collaboration Wendy Friswell Giving Back Steven Sawalich


Member Engagement Giving is Good Business

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Ross Halleck


Philanthropy and Youth in America 40 Sabith Khan

The Abundance Mentality


Hyrum Smith

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