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T hey love coffee. They love people even more. e Well is a coffeehouse community with a bold vision to make a difference around the world and in the local community. As a nonprofit missional coffeehouse they exist to make money…and then give it away! And there’s more. They also exist to greet you with the best cup of

Social injustices are being challenged. The Well is a staging area to change the world. The Well is a nonprofit that does “business” not only ethically, but with a mission. This mission is to change the world through coffee. This happens through those they buy from, those they sell to,

coffee you’ve ever had and with a smile that lets you know how much they care.We know, it sounds unusual. So let us tell you what that vision is all about.The Well began with a group of friends who simply wanted to make a difference in the world. They wanted to put their love and their faith into action. They didn’t feel wealthy, and they really weren’t business experts. But they realized that, even though they struggled like most people to keep up with their mortgages and monthly bills, they had been given so much! Not only did they realize how much they had, they began to open their eyes to shocking realities that they had, for too long, ignored. People around the world were dying because they didn’t have access to the most basic necessities of life. And people in Nashville needed hope, love, and community. The Well is their way to love the world. That begins with you. Not only do they want to let you know that they care, they want to invite you into a story. When you buy coffee or other products fromThe Well, you are contributing not only a few dollars but a chapter of hope. You are joining a mission. Ultimately, you are filling The Well so that, together, you and they can pour hope into the lives of people. So let them serve you a cup of your favorite coffee. And know that you are helping to serve the world. The Well is also focused globally as a training ground to develop models of addressing poverty. Ways of bringing sustainability to poor communities are being explored.

those they partner with, and those they seek to rescue from poverty and strife. The Well intentionally seeks out poverty-stricken places and situations in the world and seeks to bring “living water” there. This takes place in many, many ways. The Well sponsors the building of wells for those needing clean drinking water. They seek to address communities in the world where people are dying of starvation. They have created a hub for nonprofits to do this together. Their wonderful nonprofit partners include Blood:Water Mission, Living Water Project, Exile International, JOYN, Fashionable, Mission Lazarus,Thistle Farms, and ONEless, working together to support poverty-stricken adults and children around the world. The Well seeks to break the poverty cycle in poor communities. They encourage opportunities to sponsor children, to adopt children, and to “go into all of the world” to rescue them. They are a missional community. All who buy from The Well are participating in that mission. When you buy a cup of coffee atThe Well, you are investing in the mission. You do so, knowing that the price you paid for something, that you could have bought elsewhere, is actually going to make a difference in the world. This is one of the distinguishing principles that sets The Well apart from others. In short, The Well exists to make money for the purpose of giving it away.It is consumption with a purpose. As the consumer consumes, he or she is consumed in the mission. Now, meet Rob Touchstone of The Well Coffeehouse.

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