Point & Counterpoint Generations in the NonprofitWorld

In each edition, Nonprofit Performance Magazine will have dialogue on topics that impact the overall effectiveness of leaders in a social benefit culture. This isn’t a debate — It’s dialogue from the perspective of two experienced authors, speakers, and organizational development thought- leaders in the arena we call leadership. The goal is to provide different perspectives to stimulate creative thinking and bring leaders into a new paradigm of functioning – not provide final answers.

Hugh Ballou Founder and President of SynerVision Leadership Foundation

Todd Greer Executive Director of SynerVision Leadership Foundation

Todd Greer is a Millennial. He grew up with the Internet, teamwork everywhere, the reality that aMaster’s Degree today is like a Bachelor’s Degree was to previous generations, and has lived his entire conscious life with access to a computer.

Hugh Ballou is a Baby Boomer and is the Transformational Leadership Strategist integrating strategy with leadership skills. His life journey as musical conductor is solving problems by reversing the paradigms.

28 I Nonprofit Professional Performance Magazine

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