draw to create that high level of energy and excitement. It is from those wells that one should live. It is from those wells that a true leader realizes he/she should serve to draw when engaging others. The same model can guide a manager or leader in designing effective workflow for employees and volunteers. Ask yourself, “Do I know which wells run the deepest within our staff members, and are appropriate assignments tasked to them?” Another critical question for nonprofits to ask and analyze is what wells of proficiency individuals must possess to be effective participants in the organization’s success. These are the wells of experience, knowledge, training, positions, etc., that must be cultivated, grown and rewarded! A great case for building “Leadership Development Based Mentoring” programs comes from countless surveys and studies with organizations and individuals engaged in such pursuits. Survey results from 300+ organizational participants (“Retention and

Staffing Report,” Manchester Inc.) revealed such findings as: • 73% of respondents saw a direct correla- tion to retaining good employees from involvement in aggressive mentoring pro- gram opportunities. • 62% felt a direct enhancement to their immediate career development and long- term net worth. • 66% saw a direct connection to their abil- ity to tap into future leaders. • 49% felt it placed high-potential perform- ers into a fast track within their career. Many Fortune 500 clients of Jeff Magee International, Inc. can trace their market dominance and sustained success from,among other factors, their people development and mentored partnerships. In designed and implemented leadership development, mentored programs nationally, from Defense Finance Accounting Services to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and others, where we have first-hand experience with this explosive developmental concept,individuals excel.And, we have conversely seen implosion within

organizations that have embraced a great idea of people development via mentoring with no team support or accountability. Ohio State University’s survey of professional women in the workplace indicates that those professionals with mentored relationships become 68 times more marketable and pro- motable in their careers over others. Both for one’s personal and professional development, the recurring question is, “Which wells within me do I go to? And, are those the wells that I should actually be dipping into, or are there better wells within me to go to for lasting nourishment?” Jeff Magee (Ph.D., PDM, CSP, CMC) is the Thought Leader’s Leader, publisher of Professional Performance 360 Magazine and editor of Performance Execution and Performance Driven Selling Blogs. Jeff is a published author of many books including Performance Execution , The Managerial Leadership Bible , and THE LINE: Your Trajectory Code . Jeff is also a columnist and motivational, leadership speaker. Jeff is the recipient of the USJC TOYA Award and is one of the most impactful, sought after Keynote Speakers in the world today!


Featuring Millennial Takeaways that prove Peter Drucker’s wisdom is a timeless and valuable tool among leaders across all generations.

The late PETER F. DRUCKER (1909-2005), known worldwide as the “Father of Modern Management,” was a professor, management consultant, and writer. Drucker directly influenced leaders from all sectors of society. Among them: GE, IMB, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Girl Scouts, The Salvation Army, Red Cross, United Farm Workers, and several presidential administrations. FRANCES HESSELBEIN, a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, is the president and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute and editor-in-chief of the award-winning quarterly journal, Leader to Leader, as well as co-editor of 27 books translated into 29 languages. JOAN SNYDER KUHL, founder of Why Millen- nials Matter, is an international speaker, leader- ship trainer, and consultant specializing in global talent development and generational engagement strategies.

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