The Official Guide to All Things Nonprofit Nonprofit Performance Magazine brings impact which spreads hope and direction to those who are changing their communities and the world. This magazine is a great resource for nonprofit executives and religious leaders. • Learn from key thought leaders who can assist you in propelling your organization to reach its potential • Read in-depth stories written by those who have found success at the front line of the social benefit journey • Learn about the impact of community, communication, and collaboration in your organization

Performance P r n e Nonprofit Professional WHAT YOU NEED TO SUCCEED! Vol. 1No. 1 $12.95 Magazine 360

John Maxwell

ENLARGE T hose A round Y ou The Architecture of Engagement

From Scarcity Thinking to Focused Impact 21 Experts Share Ways Nonprofits Work




CalTurner, Jr.

CherylSnappCon ner



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Next Edition Highlights March 2015

Joan Kuhl Founder of Why Millennials Matter, an international speaker, and author, presents a model for engaging nonprofits in your organization.

Frances Hesselbein President and CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute boldly encourages leaders to seek to understand the impact that engaged Millennials can bring to the organization.

Sarah Cunningham Author of The Well-Balanced World-Changer and Beyond the Broken Church, shares insight to how faith communities can work to rescue relationships with a disillusioned generation.

Derrick Feldman President of Achieve, a design firm for causes, and co-author of Cause for Change provides a research-based perspective for how Millennials feel and behave toward causes.

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