CEO Space isn’t just for entrepreneurs and investors. Management and executive level representatives from established businesses have plenty to gain from CEO Space’s educational, cooperative environment. - the opportunity to earn continuing education credits - unparalleled relationship opportunities with entrepreneurs, investors and other business leaders - sponsorship opportunities - 5 annual conferences to help keep business skills sharp - in-room presentation opportunities and much more!

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club. 3) Top-of-class professional standards, ethics, research, training, and responsible marketing that establish the impeccable credibility of the field for helping professionals, consumers and the media. 4) A feeling of family and fun instead of sterile professionalism. Skills & Procedures: Paid staff and volunteers need to be trained to create a collaborative culture that successfully implements your nonprofit’s initiatives. These skills and procedures collectively create the infrastructure your nonprofit needs to effectively accomplish its vision and

mission to align with, rather than sacrifice, its core values. The skills engine at the heart of a nonprofit’s success is the quality of its engagement agreements, breakdown repair procedures, and performance review process. These need to be designed to maximally support your nonprofit in achieving its slice of the big cause it’s supporting by effectively engaging your donors, volunteers, staff and administrators through effective expectation management. (More about these in future articles.) Sixteen years after its founding, ACEP flourishes as an international nonprofit, in part, I hope, because of the care that my late co-founder and I, with our founding Board, took to define its vision, mission, values and goals, and to build the infrastructure (skills and procedures) required for long-term success. I encourage you to do this with your nonprofit to ensure its ability to flourish sustainably over the long term. Dr. David Gruder is a multi-award winning clinical and organizational development psychologist specializing in culture and business psychology. He was founding president of a thriving international nonprofit, is on core faculty for the California Institute for Human Science, and is co-head of faculty for CEO Space International.

membership in May 1999 and had hundreds of members virtually overnight. Intentions: Think of the vision as the big “why”: the cause that makes people want to engage with your nonprofit. Think of the mission as your nonprofit’s “why within a why”: the impact your nonprofit has chosen to have with that cause, which excites people to be part of it. Because EP methods rapidly produce durable results for a wide variety of challenges, from clearing away psychological baggage to facilitating peak performance, ACEP’s vision is for it to become standard care for a wide range of helping professionals and leading self-help methods. ACEP’s mission is to unite innovators, trainers, practitioners, researchers and supporters of EP methods into an international family that establishes the credibility and visibility of these methods. Values: Think of values as the principles that guide how a nonprofit accomplishes its intentions. ACEP’s core values include 1) Collaboration, instead of competition, among innovators and practitioners of different EP methods. 2) Inclusiveness of mental health professionals and allied health professionals, instead of being an exclusive psychologists’

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