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per-form-ance (n) : 1.The act, process, or manner of performing. 2. An accomplishment; deed. 3. To begin, carry out, fulfill. 4. To function in a certain way; act.

Nonprofit Performance – There are more options available for people in today’s world for “choice”. Choice in what one does, how one does it, when one does it, and why someone does it.The nonprofit world has to be relevant to be considered in the choice explosion of today and tomorrow. The nonprofit world has seen a 360° change, in all that it does, multiple times in the past decade.To remain relevant and to attract energies in the future so that your nonprofit will be the choice of others, the need to go beyond relevant is critical. Welcome! This collaboration of Hugh Ballou and Jeffrey Magee in provides the nonprofit world with a precise, strategic, and operational voice in a world that has become cluttered with noise and distractions. Through Hugh’s SynerVision enterprise and Jeff ’s Professional Performance Magazine, you now have a source for vetted authorities sharing unpublished insights to allow you to capitalize upon and accelerate your nonprofit to greater successes today and tomorrow. With more capital in reserve across America, individuals have choices for their legacy investment. With more demands and options yelling out for people to partner, your organization has to be strategic, focused, committed and relevant to survive and thrive. In the following pages, you will be mentally pushed and intellectually introduced to personalities that you may otherwise not know and now can be now can be leveraged for your professional and organizational growth. We will share best practices, spotlight thought leaders and practitioners, and share their lessons learned for you to implement in your organization. Nonprofit Performance Magazine Solutions – While many people today espouse and pontificate how to achieve and perform, each article in this edition, as well as our previous digital editions at, will connect you to hundreds of the world’s super achievers — people of an abundance mentality and who have actually achieved. Go online and order additional copies of this and past editions for your Mental DNA Library and invest in copies for the people around you … Nonprofit Professional Performance Magazine , What You Need To Succeed!

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