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Jeffrey Magee Co-Publisher Hugh Ballou Co-Publisher Todd Greer Managing Editor Sandy Birkenmaier Acquisitions Editor Kim Cousins Creative Designer Brett Archer Director of Business Development Single Copy Order or Online Digital Subscriptions Advertising

John Maxwell

Desmond Tutu

Nonprofit Winning Berny Dohrmann


Member Engagement Engaging Members for Excellence 9 Get ‘Em and Keep ‘Em Hugh Ballou

Leaders, Emotionally Speaking 17 Mature or Immature Roberta Gilbert Why Nonprofits Can’t Afford to Deprive Themselves of Business Psychology Training David Gruder for Organizational Success in the Marketplace Four Interconnected Elements Influence How You Engage Your Members, Board & Volunteers Jeffrey Magee 20 Maintaining Individual Relevance 24

Planning Planning and Creativity


An Interview with Marcia McFee

Design Corner Your Design Road Map


Elliot Jones

Nonprofits that work Sustain Floyd The Authentic Pursuit of Community Growth The Case of SustainFloyd Woody Crenshaw



Point & Counterpoint Dialogues on Leadership Hugh Ballou & Jeffrey Magee Business Communications on Social Responsibility Goals Cheryl Snapp Conner



academic desk Lessons on Organizational Learning 19 from Dead Poets Society Todd Greer

The Irony of Leadership


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Leaders Follow Cal Turner, Jr.

strategy Moving from Scarcity Thinking

Feelings are Only Indicators



The Four Steps to a Low-Drama Team Bill Stierle

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to Focused Impact Ed Bogle

board development The Architecture of Governance 27 Andrew Morikawa



What is It, How to Get It and How to Keep It Kevin Williams

executive Office Nonprofit


The Stepchild of Business Sherita Herring

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