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Motivation What is It, How to Get It and How to Keep It

M otivation is a need or desire causing action. Despite self- help, we still have trouble finding and maintaining our motivation. If your jeans are tight, you might be motivated to lose five pounds, but that is probably not enough to keep the weight off long- term. Our drive to lose weight, even if it’s as simple as saying no to French fries wanes because we aren’t passionate about why we want to achieve this goal. Simple motivation is not enough. Our goals must inspire and shock us into change. If we have tried and failed in the past, we must look at our goal from a different perspective. Here’s a personal story. I loved barbeque pork sandwiches. Once, I ate about six sandwiches in a few hours. I started to feel sick and dizzy – the same symptoms my father had with his high blood pressure diagnosis. He also loved those sandwiches but he passed away, in part, from heart problems. I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. My urge to eat my favorite sandwich was strong, so I needed an equally powerful motivation for change. Instead of connecting my sickness to high blood pressure, I connected it to death. I quit eating pork. Your motivation must be strong enough to call you to action. Goals not acted upon are glorified wishes. Reframe your thinking to be intellectually stimulated by your goal. Stimulation is

themselves in a new light. They seek new perspective on their situation. In most circumstances, it is not as bad as they think. Energize their souls with the prospect of lasting change. Most people lose motivation because they are bored with the self-improvement process or disappointed with the results. Eating carrot sticks is certainly not as fun as eating a burger. Even if you did forgo your favorite food, you are sad to see the weight isn’t coming off as quickly as you’d hoped. Alternatively, you’ve lost a lot of weight, and your newfound attention makes you uncomfortable. Be patient with yourself. Achieving your goals will make you happier in the long run but it takes work. Motivation helps to fuel the fire, but it is your day-to-day efforts that will get you to your goal. Enjoy the ride. Dr. Kevin Williams is a noted minister, author, media personality, and acclaimed motivational speaker on subjects from life’s turning points and the challenges of being single in today’s world, to reinvention of oneself and the role of religion and spirituality in a person’s life.

information that penetrates your core values. It must make you say,“I have to do something about this” because the consequences are so dire.That is motivation. Maintaining motivation is different. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by changing too much at once. Start by changing your environment. If your kitchen is stocked with cookies and beer, you are going to have a hard time avoiding them. Throw them out if you can’t resist temptation. Others prefer moderation as opposed to all-or-nothing. Try having two beers instead of four and work your way down to having none if that is your ultimate goal. The key is to change your routine, even if you start with baby steps. These small changes add up and can last a lifetime. It is very common to see a loved one lacking motivation but in desperate need of change. Challenge their status quo. Let them know that they are treasured and add value to your life. They will be honored to see a positive and hopeful side of themselves in your eyes. People in a dark place need to see

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