Leadership is a learned skill. Leaders are not born as leaders. Conductors study music and how to empower choirs and orchestras

The technician ability to execute and exceed expectations, the ability to know or understand the Who, What, When, Where,

to fulfill the vision but making the written music come alive. Leaders are born with potential to influence others and then learn the skills to apply that talent of influence. Leadership is also a system where every person is a skilled leader and understands their role and responsibility as related to the overall strategy and organizational objectives.

Why and How of functionality is the skill acumen. Skill must be sequentially and psychologically choreographed so fundamental knowledge serves as the building blocks for later knowledge (skill) and experiences (honing of the skill), to build a legacy of a leader. Skill does not just come with a book or age, but from the actual doing and achieving!


Leadership is embedded in the culture of high performance.This high performance culture resembles the culture of a symphony orchestra in that all the players are very skilled with very different skills and personalities and they then use that skill to contribute to a larger result called “ensemble.” In non- musical cultures we call this “synergy.” Leaders inspire and empower synergistic, high functioning cultures.

Is the fabric by which individuals and organizations thrive and die. IT serves as the fabric by which all internal and external

forces recognize and understand what actions, behaviors, deliverables, and expectations are within bounds and are out- of-bounds.This drives the heart and soul of an organization, and reveals the longevity relevance for today and tomorrow.


If the orchestra does not like the conductor, they play just as directed. If the orchestra likes the conductor, they play and the conductor intends. Leadership is basically influence.The choice is to influence positively or negatively. Management of self by managing emotions and actions builds respected relationships or destroys the synergy needed to get things done in a practical and efficient way.

The commonality to bind people together and the diversity to excite them to understand, appreciate and want to be within

others orbits.The relationship has positives and negatives but always gives people cause to stay versus leave. It takes constant work and nutriment and celebrations. But it must always be a two way street of give and take, balance.


Leaders communicate. No choice. However, communication is based on relationship and not on data exchange.The number one leadership skill is concise, specific communications.

The act of transmitting signals to all your constituents in the channel to which they need in order to process. Leaders smoothly flow in and out and always connect, managers play hard and fast and create breakdowns.


Leaders are people who: Get things done • Know how things get done • Influence others •

Anyone can be a manager and few can attain an effective leadership effectiveness, both assume certain skill sets and

understandings, but leaders survive time!

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