Maintaining Individual Relevance for Organizational Success in the Marketplace Four Interconnected Elements Influence HowYou EngageYour Members, Board &Volunteers Jeffrey Magee

C reating climates whereby individuals freely assume ownership of their actions, tasks, job, a client or member, themself, and the reputation of an organization comes down to a simple sequence of interlinked actions. In working with profit and not-for-profit sector organizations over the past decade, a clear model has risen that differentiates the winners from the losers. Winning organizations and individuals freely assume ownership and do not engage in the excuse game for not attaining performance expectations. But taking ownership is a byproduct of three other more important elements. How you go about assuming ownership, and how you go about creating a climate whereby others assume ownership of their job, responsibilities, themself, and the organization overall can be achieved by understanding how four factors or elements are interlinked, and thus where your first energies must be directed. So the burning question in most leaders’, as well as parents, minds is “how do we go about getting others to assume a higher level of ownership and engagement?” And with this, I began my homework assignment.What has been learned is this: The starting pointmay not bewhat you and 1. your organizational approaches have been historically considering or fixating upon. When you know what the depth of your

more responsibility, and becomes more excited about participating. So within your organization, knowing what people are good at doing and creating opportunities for them to step forward, apply, and shine will accelerate your organization. At this point you will attract more people to your cause and find that you are drawing upon the same small group of people more often dissipate. And the necessity to establish incentive and motivation programs and initiatives becomes less necessary! When one becomesMotivated over seeing 3. their victories and successes, one becomes significantly more PASSIONATE about life and the endeavors they apply themselves into. Aligning your values, visions, and mission statements with people that have similar drivers generates a deeper lasting commitment to your organization, and that is visible through

or another person’s abilities are, whether formal or informal education, technical, or non-technical training, certification, and other virtual credentialization work, accolade experiences, etc., and you draw upon those and apply, delegate, task management them appropriately, ask people to volunteer, and apply accordingly, you experience success in accomplishment or a self Victory. When one experiences a Victory, ones’ self-esteem goes up! When one is Victorious one becomes 2. significantly more MOTIVATED about applying themselves, assuming


VICTORY = Increased Self-esteem



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