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least poisons the process. Surprisingly few people recognize that the best attainable outcome in a compromise culture where all parties walk away from the negotiating table feeling equally ripped off. The fourth culture — the only psychologically healthy one — is a collaboration culture. These develop when leaders and teams authentically hold a win- win-win attitude, seek to optimally integrate personal authenticity with the common good, and receive expert training in the synergy skills needed to co-create this environment. Why? Because few people are blessed with having received enough of this training in school or at work to have fully internalized collaborative culture, creation skills and procedures. Maximizing Individual Discretionary Effort Sparking sustained discretionary effort in employees and volunteers requires aligning three key ingredients: the true value of meaningful portions of their personal life mission to a job or role they fill, their job’s or role’s true value to the organization’s success, and the organization’s true value to those it serves, and to society in general. The clearer people are about these three dimensions,

and the more aligned they feel among them, the more natural it is for them to “give their all” to an organization. Few people receive training in recognizing, let alone operating from, this alignment. However, learning to do this is fairly easy, deeply fulfilling, and contributes mightily to a nonprofit’s success. Along with internal alignment, employees and volunteers also need to develop skills in agreement creation and accountability that bring out their best and uplevel their capacity

to collaborate. Too often, agreement creation and accountability procedures are instead misused to take advantage of or shame people, and those tactics destroy cultures faster than a

speeding bullet. Not Optional

The more a nonprofit nurtures authentic leadership, a collaboration culture, and discretionary effort enhancement, the more likely it will function at the level of its mission and goals instead of its psychological limitations. In other words, business psychology is not an optional ingredient in nonprofit success — it’s a mandatory one. Dr. David Gruder is an award winning clinical and organizational development psychologist specializing in culture and business psychology who the media has called “America’s Integrity Expert.” Since the 1970s, he has transformed organizations’ values, vision, and mission into people skills and procedures that enables nonprofits to thrive and for-profit businesses to make integrity and collaboration profitable. He is an internationally sought after speaker, trainer, and trusted advisor. Gruder was founding president of a thriving international nonprofit, core faculty for the California Institute for Human Science, and is co-head of faculty for CEO Space International.

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