Berny Dohrmann

Nonprofit Winning

N onprofits, hit so hard recently, are coming into a boom period. Trillions sitting on the sideline are returning.Today,nonprofits exist inside the super change markets affecting all of us. Winning requires management inside these markets, remaining current on new options. Today’s grantors and donors review messages wherever they are now; the golf cart, the cruise ship, or waiting for their board meeting. In an iPad universe, charity must avoid the pitfall of “the way we’ve always done it.” The future resides with nonprofit leaders who encourage adaptation to the super change and always new market spaces. The pie is larger, not smaller. Are you getting your share today? And tomorrow? We thought things would slow down and return to normal. We were wrong. Super change is speeding up. Nonprofit leaders need to calm down and catch up. When you engage experts in the new markets, you explore what the firm you are hiring has done to remain current. The new nonprofit capital is “currency.” You must develop strategies to remain in front – to lead. Money is following such leadership as never before. Be inventive. Express new channels of your “good work.” Momentum breeds larger funding. Stress your achievements and express in new language how you are leading the recovery markets of today and tomorrow. Encourage a team rally to develop currency in the new forms of funding. As you create critical strategy, develop step-by-step models

we have installed options for nonprofits for three decades. Keeping leadership current and up-to-date is our mission. My hope is this article serves charities and nonprofits worldwide in new ways.The funding market is returning. Crowd funding and Regulation A also work for nonprofit extended bond offerings or building funds. Check both out with Marlon Paz of Locke & Lord in Washington, D.C. who specialize in this new space under the Jobs Act of 2012. Wishing you the best, because your constituency deserves your future super change strategy where winning is no longer an option. Mr. Dohrmann is Chairman of CEOSpace International, the largest support organization for business owners and the inventor of Super Teaching, a Title 1 technology for public schools that greatly accelerates retention. Frequently speaking on stages as the guest of nations and VIP conferences, Berny is a recognized author presently completing his newest book titled, Redemption: The Cooperative Revolution .

to advance larger funding while developing incremental funding. Develop teams to support Silver-Gold-Platinum donation plans that inspire your donor community to re-up. Model 3-year contracts for a Silver to support one person for a year, renewable for an additional 3-years. Advance a Gold model of ten to twenty-five being supported, and Platinum with twenty-five to one hundred. Add events where the provider hosts and produces the event, taking gate fees versus front-end fees. Supplement these incremental strategies with larger grant applications. Do this all at once. Lead in the super change markets. Establish a magazine for your donor base. Develop demographics of the donor tribe you find best. Increase your yearly distribution of your magazine which explains your work and defines the call to action to donate. Encourage 3-year donations with each year paid in advance. Use the center and back cover of your new magazine as your full-page advertisements. Control and predict revenue with planning and strategy. Give value added gifts and passes to donors including VIP events. In running CEOSpace, the birthplace of the magazine you are now reading under the inspired leadership of publisher Jeff Magee,

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