super-achiever and a dreamer. The dreamer children have accepted God’s capital, which is inspiration. God’s bank account has unlimited inspirational deposits for you. You get these inspirations in your life, but you don’t act on them and make them real on the Earth. God wanted you to.They come to you all throughout your life without stopping. The dreamer goes to their grave with all their dreams and all of God’s inspiration, which they squandered all of their life. Their real regret at the end of life is they didn’t do their dreams, which is what God gave them to do in the first place. The super-achiever, who did their dreams and has no regret at the end, is a person who has found out how to finance their dreams. The distance is small, but they gained the mentorship and the skillsets. When you have God’s capital, you still have to print it, put it on a website, do things with people through computers and cell phones and things that cost money. You have to take airplane trips and book hotel rooms. You have to finance your dream all the way through. There are resources to execute. A super-achiever has learned about capitalism and how to get

resources so they can develop any division of a mature company. When they learn it, they become unstoppable. That is true in the nonprofit space and every space. Move from dreamer to super-achiever, because my father would insist on it. A coach gives you their expertise and performs work for you in a fair exchange of fees. You get the work done, and hopefully the quality you wanted in the timeframe you wanted. A mentor transfers the skill to you. You are not dependent on them. You are able to do what you need to do yourself because they enriched you.The coach to some degree is filling up your glass when you want to go to overflow with a beautiful new talent. A mentor gives you a much bigger vessel. Your skills are exponentially magnified. When you get one of the great mentors living in the world, it is the greatest gift that can ever cross your path. If you are a mentor, and I hope I am, you are giving back without charging anyone. That is my legacy. I have the ability to give back today. I call it learn, earn, and then you have an obligation to return. Invest

in entrepreneurialism. Have your children mandate that they have to be paid based on the successful returns they are making on the money. You will build your children. That is a legacy plan. I see these wealthy players and their beautiful lifestyles and I ask where they have created another them. If you have not created a duplicate of yourself by mentoring someone coming up behind you to your level, then you owe the world your mentorship. Give 15% of your lifetime until you create at least a handful of clones where your mentorship gave them the empowerment to give back to the world at your level. Berny Dohrmann is life coach to world luminaries such as Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins and is the founder of CEO Space. His vision and genius have guided CEO Space to new milestones in its mission to help entrepreneurs around the world. Driven by a desire to create a world in cooperation one CEO at a time. Berny is dedicated to helping every dreamer achieve their dreams and, as the CEO Space mission statement says, “He won’t quit until everyone wins.”

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