Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 13

Publisher’s Corner Branding has more influence on the organization’s impact than you might expect. Many perspectives and methodologies for branding are represented in this issue of Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine . In remembering the quote from composer and conductor Ralph Vaughan Williams, “Music didn’t reveal all of its secrets to just one person,” we realize that the word music can be replaced with leadership and, in this case, we can replace it with branding . Many wise practitioners share their secrets in this issue. We strive to have diverse perspectives represented in each issue, and this one is no exception. We solicit comments and submissions for future issues. Submit your content request on our site at . To learn about the upcoming themes, go to the submissions page at I encourage all nonprofit leaders to take branding seriously in order to attract the right people and the right amount of funding, and to allow you to fully implement the mission of the organization you lead. Enjoy!

Hugh Ballou

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