Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 13

Maxwell House Coffee has staked its claim as being “Good to the last drop.” GladLock claims it will keep your food fresher. Gatorade promises unsurpassed thirst refreshment and replenishment. Or maybe you want to develop a tagline that reinforces the process you use to deliver your value. Folgers, with the simple Mountain Grown tagline, grew into a leading brand of coffee. Always sanitary napkin has “Dri-Weave” protection. And in the beer market, Budweiser is known for beechwood aging, Stroh’s for fire brewing, andMiller Genuine Draft for cold filtering. Again, what do you bring to the table? What values, talents, and skills make up your distinguishing characteristics? What do you wish to be known for? I worked with a financial planner who said he was a financial weight lifter. “I’ll take the financial burdens off your shoulders, put them onto mine, and help you achieve financial independence,” he promised. A massage therapist calls herself a massage magician.Through the “magic of my hands,

I will eliminate most pains, stress and discomfort,” she said. A Swedish woman specializing in skin care provides “the ultimate in Swiss skin care.” She declared, “I will make you feel and look younger, healthier and more attractive.” A former business relocation specialist client calls himself a Trendzitionist, because he can show companies that are planning to relocate how to unscramble business transitions, so the process of change can result in a better return on their investment. Additionally, I know of a real estate whiz who says he can show you how to “finance real estate with zero money down,” a time management coach who claims to help you “make more money, work fewer hours,” and a CPA who uses his knowledge of tax laws to “save over $1,000 in taxes above what you’re already doing.” Each of these service providers could then whittle down their claims to frame into a tagline. My own tagline is “Excite. Delight. Ignite.” It appears in all my printed marketing

materials and on my website. It reflects my core personal values, which are generosity, spirituality, and inspiration. It expresses my unique purpose and calling in life, which is to teach and, accordingly, to effectively manage Gerry Foster Branding, where my commitment is to unleash the greatness of your brand. It also connects with one of my key work-related talents, which is being a good communicator (speaking, training, and coaching). What’s more, it accentuates my stand to make something possible for my clients that may not have been possible before, and to do good works for others that will ramp up their business. So, my friend, it’s time to get busy. Take plenty of time to develop your tagline. Let it be something you are proud of, can hang out with, and can grow with. Above all, stay away from the same generalities and platitudes as everybody else. Gerry Foster is President of Gerry Foster Branding, based in Los Angeles, California.

SynerVision Leadership Foundation has launched a new and improved online “Community for Community Builders.” It’s live and ready for your participation! Community for Community Builders

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Join today at Choose your membership level: Basic Level, Leadership Level or Influencer Level. Each level gains access to additional benefits.

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