Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 13

Here’s the breakdown of this first section. 1. Support – How do you support your ideal member? Do you guide them? Teach them? Put your supportive verb here. 2. Who – Who is your ideal member? Moms? Small business owners? Pet lovers? Who do you love to work with? Be as specific as you can, so that it is easy to identify with them. You want your ideal member to say, “Hey! That’s me!” 3. Action – What do you do for your ideal member? This can be a few words, such as How To. You don’t need to limit yourself to just one action word. For example, if your support word is Teach, you could say, “I teach moms how to organize…”This is where you choose the action word that best describes your working relationship with your ideal member. 4. What – If you have a what that would follow your action word, such as Build Companies or Organize Homes, put that here. The second part of your undisputable message is so important because it’s the connection point that you’re going to have with your listener. It’s the part where you speak to the outcomes they want, so they say, “Hey, I want that, too!” Furthermore, the key here is if you are talking to the right person, you don’t have to sell them anything (Figure 3).

5. Goal – What’s the goal? To honor? To grow? 6. Desires – Here’s where the magic is. At the end of the day, what is your ideal member really searching for? What is their overarching desire? For my clients, it’s that they want that amazing lifestyle in which their company honors their finances, passions, and family. What does your member want? If you look at this from a psychological perspective,it’s clear that your undisputable message actually has more to do with your member than it does with you. That’s because, as we serve others, we need to focus on them - what they want out of the business relationship. When you’re networking, some people might not resonate with your undisputable message.That’s okay! It means they are not the right kind of member. It’s better to know that now than later, right? But if they are the right member…wow, will this work! Your Undisputable Message Go back and review your options for your undisputable message and choose the one that excites you the most! Once you have it, write it down and claim it as your own!

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RUKE is a Creative Entrepreneur and Artist who Transforms Visions into Reality. Being a keen observer of audience demographics and, more importantly, their psychographics and socialgraphics, RUKE connects brands to their customers’ world. His non- traditional creative agency, blink, enables RUKE to represent projects and companies from an advertising and marketing capacity, as well as contribute to the creative development of their products and services, and Game Nation, his Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort, will let visitors step into the worlds of the video games he enjoys playing with his family. This branding lesson came from his World Dominating Brand Keynote Presentation.

Congratulations! You have your undisputable message! When you use it, you create an opportunity for a conversation that compels people to ask how they can join your cause, whether they join as a donor, sponsor, or a member! This means you can focus on how to serve them, stay present in the conversation, and be liberated from the pressure of selling. It may take some practice and tweaking of your message before you feel like you have landed the ideal phrase and, over time, it might even change! That’s okay! Make your undisputable message a part of you, and it will give you the confidence to network powerfully and generate more sales than ever before.

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